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Texas Judge Throws Cold Water on “Sex-Obsessed” Obama Orders [VIDEO]


God bless Texas. The state of Texas has taken the lead in using the federal courts to block the Obama administration’s attempts at tyranny by Executive Order. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has taken the lead, suing the Obama administration 11 times in just 15 months.

The best part is, they’ve been winning!

In their latest victory, a Texas court blocked Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services rule on requiring doctors to perform transgender surgery. The Obama administration put in place a rule under the “Affordable Care Act.” This particular case heard in Texas was brought by alliance of groups including the states of Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

New rule twisted the definition of sex as defined in federal law to include whatever gender a person assumes. The judge made the determination that the claim by the alliance that, the rule’s interpretation of sex discrimination pressures doctors to deliver healthcare in a manner that violate their religious freedom and thwarts their independent medical judgment and will require burdensome changes to their health insurance plans.”

In addition to forcing doctors to do transgender surgery the Obama administration was also insisting that a doctor refusing to do an abortion because the procedure violated the doctor’s religious beliefs was “sex discrimination.” The judge set that argument aside as well.

Lori Windham, Senior counsel at Beckett Law said, “This is a common sense ruling: the government has no business forcing private doctors to perform procedures that the government itself recognizes can be harmful, particularly to children, and that the government exempts its own doctors from performing.

Today’s ruling ensures that doctors’ best medical judgment will not be replaced with political agendas and bureaucratic interference.”

The judge’s ruling will save U.S. taxpayers $1 billion by blocking unnecessary surgeries. It’s interesting that the Obama administration was willing to force this issue onto the private sector as the same time they did not require doctors in the military to follow the rule.

The plaintiffs are expecting the Donald Trump will help block the federal government’s intrusion in the redefinition of “sex.” For one thing, don’t expect the Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Sessions to go to court to defend this kind of thing, they have more important things to do. Don’t they Hillary?


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