Snowflake Protesters Block Traffic…So RIOT Police Respond, And It’s BEAUTIFUL! [VIDEO]

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Police in Portland, Oregon have reacted speedily and resolutely when yet another group of protesters tried their tactic of blocking road traffic Wednesday. Needless to say, it didn’t go well for the little radicals. Nope.

A few protesters in particular caught short end of the stick BIG TIME when police took the necessary steps to bring order to society – and slammed those snowflakes right into the ground!


The police quickly descend on the group and literally flatten a number of them, pushing them to the ground and surrounding them as bystanders cheer them on. “Take them all down!” one man is heard shouting repeatedly in the background as they begin to arrest the black-clad protesters. An older woman gives the police an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Police arrested six people, in addition to other arrests in a different part of the city where protesters also gathered.

Rather than obtain the permits required by law to hold a demonstration in the city, the protesters intentionally organized their march in secret, reports The Oregonian. Police had used force on a large group that gathered to protest Trump, organizers said, so this time they were going to spread out in smaller groups without giving the police a heads up.

The Oregonian notes that a separate demonstration related to the women’s march in Washington, D.C., Saturday went off peacefully and without interference from police.

“Here they come,” said one onlooker with such pent up glee! Who wouldn’t want to be there live to witness the complete destruction of the so called protest? I’m all for the first amendment, but nowhere does it say that blocking traffic is a protected right.

If these little children want to cry about their first world problems, let them do it on their social media pages where they can act tough – because in the real world, what you just witnessed will happen every time…

And that’s the way I like it!

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