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Snowflake Millennials Wouldn’t Survive Long in Outdoors [VIDEO]


A new poll finds that if we turn millennials loose in the outdoors there likely wouldn’t be any more millennials.

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Studies find millennials to be self-absorbed, unmotivated, and entitled. If you live anywhere near a city or you’re not a military family that probably sounds about right to you.

A poll was conducted at the London Boat Show and it didn’t take long to find out that today’s generation wouldn’t last long outdoors without their Xbox. Barely 1/3 of respondents knew how to light a fire, and nearly half had never been camping. Unfortunately they didn’t question the half who had been camping to see what they thought of it. Half of the respondents could not tie a survival not, less than a third had ever caught a fish, and nearly half had never taken a dip in open water. It would be interesting to know how many of that half could even swim.

Perhaps one reason the results of this poll are so depressing is because it was taken at the London Boat Show. I suspect the results would have been the same had the poll been taken in any city or gated community in America. Had it been taken on a college campus I suspect the results would even be lower.

But don’t give up hope. In America, that land between Manhattan and the Central Valley of California, where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million votes to become our 45th president, you’ll find young people who not only know how to survive but thrive in the outdoors.

Check this out from Field & Stream.

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And then there’s these guys.

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Like most things, you can find what you look for. If you’re looking to be depressed about the future of America, I would suggest you go to a college campus dressed like this.

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If you want to be encouraged about the future of America go talk to a Marine Corps recruiter. Ask them how they feel about being an American. Ask them how it feels to serve. Spend a little time there, and if you’re anything like me the next thing you’ll be asking is for an age waiver.

There is hope. I know for certain there’s hope because in two days, two hours and 10 minutes there will be change in America.

Make America Great Again. And Democrats, you don’t need to show up, you’ve already been absent for 60 years.


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