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Sen. Cruz Pounces on Senate Democrats’ Hypocrisy


It’s only a few more days until President-elect Trump will become President Trump. Until then, many Americans are waiting and watching as Democrats pull out all the stunts in the world to try and block Trump’s conservative appointees like Sen. Sessions. It’s entertaining isn’t it?

After 8 years of sitting on the sidelines, Democrats are just NOW speaking up against the disregard for rule of the land. I’m really shocked! Where were these same people when Obama passed all of his unconstitutional executive orders? After ALL the unconstitutional actions Obama took over the past 8 years….they have the NERVE to come forward and speak about ‘disregard for the rule of the land’? Give me a frickin’ break!


Senator Cruz reminded these same Democrats at the nomination hearing of Sen. Sessions as Attorney General, of their own failures over the last 8 years to uphold the law. And Lord knows there were many.

Where were these Democrats when Obama passed orders that infringed upon or circumvented the Constitution and/or Congress?  Where were these same Democrats when Obama substituted executive arguments for treaties? Where were they when Obama passed the Dream Act or waived the working requirement of the Welfare Reform Law? How about when Obama falsely portrayed Benghazi caused by a anti-Muslim YouTube video? Or when Obama delayed individual mandates of the Affordable Care Act for 2 years? Where were these Democrats then?

Senator Cruz highlights a few times among the many examples during Obama’s era, that Democrats on this same committee were silent.

He rattles of examples of Fast and Furious, Eric Holder’s being in contempt of Congress, the IRS illegally targeting conservatives, the request for a special prosecutor being ignored, Operation Choke Point, Sanctuary cities being funded millions of dollars, Obama’s release of illegals and criminals back into society, a $2 Billion Ransom to Iran, ObamaCare, illegal recess appointments, etc., etc. The list goes on and on. The point is – WHERE were these SAME Democrats on this committee THEN?



“This has been an interesting day at this hearing listening to Democratic senator after Democratic senator give speeches and praise of the rule of law. And I am encouraged by that, because for eight years it has been absent,” Cruz began his questioning.

“For eight years we’ve seen a Department of Justice consistently disregarding the rule of law,” he continued.

Cruz added:

“But I take today as a moment of celebration,” he added, stating that reinstituting a reverence for the rule of law would be a good thing.”

Cruz then stated, he is fully and enthusiastically supports Sessions’ confirmation and has every degree of confidence in Sen. Sessions that he will ‘follow the law faithfully and honestly….the first and most important obligation of an attorney general”.

…with “every degree of confidence you will follow the law faithfully and honestly. And that is the first and most important obligation of the attorney general.”


Amen!!! Sen. Cruz! Amen!

Americans can be glad that the ‘Error’ of Obama is almost over. There’s a new sheriff in town and the ‘law of the land’ will finally be restored – that’s The Constitution of the United States of America!

…and who knows we can hope that maybe even the Democrats on this same committee will finally recognize it again too!





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