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Rising Liberal Star THREATENS LEGAL ACTION Over Losing Twitter ARGUMENT


Little-known singer, Lily Allen threatened Tommy Robinson with legal action because she lost an argument on Twitter. Yes, really. Here’s Tommy’s response.

NOOOOO!! It is always such a disappointment when one of your favorite singers or actresses turns out to be a total idiot. I loved Lily Allen songs. Anyway, as it turns out she is a total idiot, which you should be able to gather if you listen to her music I suppose.

Singer Lily Allen appears to have threatened Tommy Robinson with legal action after the UK leader got the better of her during a heated three-day exchange on Twitter. Liberals hate losing…

The row was sparked by a tweet Allen posted. She accused the Daily Mail of racism for highlighting the migrant status of the man suspected to have killed 39 people during New Year celebrations in Istanbul.

Robinson then bluntly called her out, saying she was more concerned with “virtue signaling about racism” than she was about those who had died.


As the spat went on, Robinson asked Allen whether she felt any responsibility toward girls who have been attacked by migrants and asylum seekers in the UK, adding “after all you invited these #refugees in.”

Allen then said: “If you’re referring to my trip to Calais that was regarding the Dubs amendment and our legal responsibilities.”

Robinson countered by stating the obvious fact that the government’s responsibility is first and foremost “the safety & security of OUR people, not people in the Middle East.”
Allen bizarrely responded: “where does it say that?” to which Robinson sent a screenshot of a government national security document in which protecting “our people”, both at home and overseas, was detailed as a priority.

As the skirmished progressed, Robinson asked Allen if she’d ever spoken to the victims of Muslim sexual grooming gangs in the UK, to which she responded that she had only ever personally been sexually assaulted by white men.2017-01-08-15_00_43-lily-allen-lost-a-twitter-row-with-tommy-robinson-threatens-legal-action

Allen later suggested that the movements of all white men should be “restricted globally,” in response to another Twitter user who sarcastically said that, as the apparent sole cause of evil, white men should be “locked up”.

Robinson refused to back down, he called her out on her claims of sexual assault, asking Allen why she hadn’t reported the crimes to the police. This question sparked major anger, causing the singer to suggest that he didn’t believe her, bringing more opprobrium from other Twitter users upon herself.


Allen later chimed into the article attempting to explain what she meant when she had claimed only to have been assaulted by white males.

The author of the article claimed:

“Sometimes, in some conversations, it is still necessary to say: ‘Yes, white men can be rapists too (and not just in cases where the women basically made them do it by wearing short skirts or drinking alcohol or venturing outside the house at night)’,”

The online paper’s readers weren’t eating her bullcrap story either, they pointed out that Allen has chosen to live in the Cotswolds, a wealthy rural area of England where the population is almost exclusively white, while Robinson lives in the much more ethnically mixed city of Luton.

One reader flatly stated:

“Allen is ignoring the statistical evidence which clearly indicates that white men are the safest race of men to be around, and instead, using her personal experience, which is likely to be skewed since she evidently goes to great lengths to avoid ethnic minorities.”

As the public began to turn on her, Allen resorted to threatening Robinson with legal action, telling him: “Get fundraising.”


She also blocked Robinson from following her account, claiming that HE was the one upsetting her fans. Robinson, meanwhile, seems unperturbed by the encounter:



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