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REVENGE! Rioters Arrested On Inauguration Day will be Charged with a felony


The left has been hiding behind the concept of “freedom of speech” for far too long now, and now America has a new leader in charge, one that ACTUALLY follows the law. Liberals thought that because Americans have the right to protest peacefully they could get away with anti-Trump rioting and other criminal activity, and simply pass it off as protesting.

Now, we have very rewarding news, during our new Trump era, these excuses poor excuses to act criminally will not be accepted, and federal prosecutors are not wasting time on cracking down.

Reports revealed:

Most of the estimated 230 protesters who were arrested on Inauguration Day will face felony rioting charges, according to federal prosecutors.

Most of those arrested will be released without having to post bail on the condition that they return to court in February, CBS News reports.

If charged, the protesters could face a sentence of up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The good news is that it appears in the new Trump era, these excuses for criminality will not be accepted. Federal prosecutors are not wasting time on cracking down.


The arrests happened all within a four-block stretch around downtown Washington during the time President Trump was being sworn in.

These Protesters were vicious, it wasn’t just picketing with stupid signs and yelling they went to a whole other level, just as they have done sense Obama was in power. They burned waste canisters and then poured the embers all over the police. They also broke windows of businesses downtown.

Police were afraid of using their guns, so they were left with only pepper spray and “sting balls” to protect themselves against the crowd. That’s fair.

Due to the inadequate protection the police officers had, Six of them suffered minor injuries due to the protests, with three of the officers hit in the head with flying objects, WUSA reports.


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