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Are Republicans Finally Growing a Pair? Hillary Criminal Investigation Back Huge [VIDEO]


It looks like the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton with respect to her email is back front and center. The FBI released information last week that showed that her disregard for national security caused top-secret information to fall into the hands of foreign governments including the Russians and the Chinese.

Last Sunday evening during an NFL playoff game the FBI posted information on its website that indicates that more than 300 emails Hillary sent to an “unnamed colleague” had fallen into the hands of the Russians and the Chinese. It’s likely the “unnamed colleague” is none other than Sid Blumenthal, a close associate of the Clinton family for decades.

Here’s Judge Andrew Napolitano on the release of the information about the emails.

According to the judge, the Department of Justice looks at the harm caused by a potential defendant when deciding whether or not to prosecute a case. In the information released by the FBI prior to the election there was no indication that they found direct evidence that Hillary’s disregard for national security has led to classified information falling into foreign hands. The discovery of these 300 emails puts that question to rest.

It’s interesting that Judge Napolitano notes that when asked at his confirmation hearing if he would go after Clinton he said he would recuse himself. That’s a red flag in the legal community that says that in six more days a new Department of Justice could very well be reactivating the investigation into Hillary’s email practices.

In addition to Hillary’s email problems the FBI has 150 agents in five different offices looking into the Clinton Foundation. In addition to the FBI, the NYPD is also involved.

It appears that the FBI has evidence that money launderers with connections to the Clinton Foundation could launder millions of illicit cash through the Foundation. These revelations are the result of separate money laundering investigations by the FBI and information discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Los Angeles-based money launderers were apparently planning to bring foreign funds into the U.S. through the Clinton foundation that could not legally be transferred through traditional bank wires. The FBI said a US-based company owned by Bill Clinton dispersed millions of dollars via wire transfers through global banks to accounts controlled by the Clinton foundation and the Clinton family.

On the bright side, between Hillary’s email problems and money laundering through the Clinton Foundation the FBI may be able to wrap up not just Hillary, but Bill, Chelsea, and Chelsea’s husband too. Here’s hoping that Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and maybe even Loretta Lynch could get wrapped up in a nice package.


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