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Raging Rosie Gets HUGE Wake-Up Call, Benghazi Badass Shows Her What REAL Bravery Looks Like


The much-hated actress and Rosie O’Donnell, brought her blubbery self out of the acting closet, in order to make a couple more headlines before she gets buried six feet under, probably over a heart attack, either Trump or her last hamburger has been causing her heart to work double time. She is so desperate to be in the limelight again that they have made it their new job to trash our president-elect.

It’s outrageous that people are calling these women ‘courageous’ for being Debbie-downers. Now, a real hero, Kris Paronto, a survivor of Benghazi, taught these celebrities and Obama a lesson about what courage really is.


In an interview, Benghazi hero, Kris Paronto told Hollywood actors what they are really here for. And it was AMAZING, he held nothing back.

“And you know what, you’re a monkey and somebody is turning the crank. You’re here to entertain us. When you’re gone, we don’t give a sh*t, we will find another monkey to do the job you were doing. The only time I have a real issue with this at all is when these people are looked at as role models,” explained Paronto.

Then this hero zeroed in on Meryl Streep specifically. “So you know what, Meryl Streep, stop putting others down and go do something else. Be like Pat Tillman, drop everything you’re doing and put your life on the line. Robert De Niro, you played a cop in the movies, go be a cop on the streets” stated Paronto.

“The same principle applies to these other celebrities. You wore a uniform as a costume. Try putting one on to serve your country.”

Has it bothered anyone that these last eight years president Obama and His wife, have made it their goal to become celebrities rather than do their actual job, which would be trying to better our country?

Obama cared more about how many times he could be on ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show’ and what he looked like on TV than peoples’ lives being at risk from real threats, like ISIS.

He turned the position of Commander-in-Chief into a pop culture job. In essence, Obama took away what the office of the president is all about…leadership.


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