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Pervert Fills Syringe With ‘Bodily Fluid’ Then Waits….His Next Move is SICK!


A recent hunt for a pervert, that lasted about eight weeks finally came to a close with his arrest of an Ohio man who has been accused of filling syringes with bodily fluids, then waiting for his unsuspecting victims, with his next move only able to be described as nothing but sick.

The disgusting predator allegedly stalked women in malls before squirting his semen on them. After his arrest, Timothy Blake told police that he was inspired by the internet to carry out these disturbing acts.

The 28-year-old pervert, Timothy Blake was apprehended by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department on December 30th, 2016. In a statement made by Sheriff Larry Mincks, he mentioned that the arrest was made in the evening when Mincks was on his way to dinner with his wife.

According to a report by RT, Blake openly admitted to masturbating in mall parking lots on a dozen occasions, when he was finished he would gather up the leftovers and fill a syringe with his own semen before walking into the mall. Blake would then stalk women and wait for just the right moment to squirt his bodily fluid on them.


During an interview with reporters a sheriff said:

“The first report came in two months ago from a woman who had found this on her bottom and after cleaning it off in the bathroom had walked out to find him waiting and staring at her.” He added, “She said he then took off and she followed him until he got in his truck and left.”

He continued, “This has been a joint investigation between the Marietta Police Department and our office,” adding, “An off-duty MPD officer came across his truck today with the specific insignia we had been searching for and called it into his superiors and our office.”

According to officials, Blake was identified by police using the initial description of his face and truck provided by the first victim who came forward. He had been driving three different company trucks to keep a low profile.

The poor women who had his sticky crap squirted all over them! This is attractive to some, but for the majority of unsuspecting civilians, I’d be willing to bet that they’d like to keep a stranger’s bodily fluids off of them at all costs. Ugh, keep it to yourself, dude.giphy-2 Plus, this guy had a wife!! Hello! Use her from now on.


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