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Pelosi Warns Of ‘Grandma Living in the Guest Room,’ If We Repeal Obamacare


Democrats are furious at Republicans for promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act, their response? HILARIOUS.

During a press conference at Washington, D.C. Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi stated: “You want grandma living in the guest room? You repeal the Affordable Care Act.”

Pelosi went on to make empty threats: “So we have a values debate on our hands. It’s very personal in the lives of the American people. A friend of mine just told me his grandson was diagnosed with leukemia. That child will have a pre-existing condition for the rest of his life. Repeal Affordable Care Act, that’s a problem, lifetime limits, that’s a problem. If you are a senior, you know, Medicaid — almost half of Medicaid is about long-term health care. You want grandma living in the guest room?”

“You repeal the Affordable Care Act. You go along with — this is part of an initiative that is part of the Ryan budget that says we’re going to voucherize Medicare block grant Medicaid,”

She continued…

“This has an assault on the health security and financial security that goes with what the Affordable Care Act has done for the American people. So make America sick again? Is that what the Republicans want to do? I certainly hope not.”

HMMM, that makes NO sense. I’d say that the skyrocketing premiums are what’s putting grandma in the guest room. Not us Republicans.

Part of me genuinely feels bad for idiots like Nancy.

It’s genuinely painful to watch adults act like children.

Let’s hope that Americans are finally going to get some relief from Obamacare.


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