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Patriotic Congressman Rips Down Repulsive Anti-Cop “Artwork”: YEAH! [VIDEO]


California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter did the nation a service by personally beautifying the U.S. Capitol. It seems that the Congress held an art competition. Someone who lives in Missouri Democrat Lacy Clay’s district submitted an entry that depicted police officers as pigs aiming guns at protesters.

Here’s the “artwork.”


I really didn’t have to note that Clay is a Democrat, did I?

The painting was apparently hung just down the hall from Representative Hunter’s office and he finally got tired of walking by it. Without telling anyone he was going to do it, and without asking permission, Hunter pursued his career as an art critic by transforming the wall from the above display of racism to this.


Hunter isn’t the only person that was offended by that picture. Representative Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois, tweeted that the painting is “Offensive, insulting & deeply disturbing.” He also noted, “this has no place in @uscapitol halls where USCP officers protect and defend our freedoms every day.”

A number of police officer unions have also protested, writing letters to House Speaker Paul Ryan demanding the painting’s removal. They contend its presence “adds credence to a demonstrably false narrative about law enforcement that undermines the safety of law enforcement officers and those we protect.”

Did we mention that Representative Clay – along with Barack Obama – is an overwhelming supporter of the terrorist group #BlackLivesMatter?

Hunter returned the painting to Representative Clay’s office and at this point it hasn’t been put back up. If it is, hopefully Representative Hunter will take it down again.

It’s wintertime in Washington, D.C. and I think that painting would’ve made a nice addition to a fireplace somewhere in the capitol building. It would certainly be more attractive keeping congressional staffers warm and hanging on the wall of congressional office building.

Thank you Representative Hunter you’ve done the nation a service. And Representative Clay, shame on you.


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