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OUCH! Even Liberal MSNBC Slams BuzzFeed: “You Just Published Fake News!”


Today’s first task on the agenda? Everyone start taking digs at BuzzFeed over #GoldenShowerGate (okay, okay, urine luck I’ll keep pee jokes to a minimum today). MSNBC’s Chuck Todd had Buzzfeed’s chief Editor, Ben Smith as a guest on his show “MTP Daily.” They tried to discuss Buzzfeed’s release of leaked Russian documents that contained supposed “information” about Trump.

The documents, first discussed by CNN, were not released from MSNBC due to the fact that the claims were completely unproven.

MSNBC has never been a Trump lover, but interestingly enough, Todd was more interested in taking Smith down over the release of the documents. It appeared that Todd was actually concerned about a major outlet such as Buzzfeed, damaging the world of journalism overall.

None of us could be happier on the right wing news side either; BuzzFeed is the internet’s version of an ingrown toenail! MSNBC called you fake news? Ouch.

Ben Smith and his little island of misfit reporters might want to take a long hard look at some of their life choices. Maybe even rethink their career choices?

MTP Daily host stated:

“You talk about context and you talk about putting responsibility on the readers,” “But at the same time, don’t you have the responsibility of not spreading false information? Are you knowingly spreading false information?”

Smith answered by invoking fake news, which led Todd to fire back.

“I’ve known you a long time, but you just published fake news.”

Literally, fake news. BuzzFeed even admitted in the post the Russian report was unverified, parts of it were false. But, like YOLO because of Obama’s birth certificate or something. We report rumors, you decide if you want to believe them or not. Hillary loves women. Here’s a list of the top 17 ways Trump will make a terrible president. Take a quiz, find out if you would enjoy a slutty golden shower.

And guess what, Ben Smith? All you did was make reporting that much harder for actual news outlets who want to hold the President accountable. Because now Donald can point to both BuzzFeed and CNN and say “They just hate me, so they frankly publish fake news to try to take me out.” Which, by the way, is exactly what CNN and BuzzFeed did here. They figuratively handed 1,000 rounds of .308 ammo to Trump which he can use, with credibility now, when the media reports on him. Fire in the hole.

Does the media actually wonder why we don’t like them? These are your best and brightest little liberal journalist starlets, America.


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