Obama Really Did Make Fun of Kids in the Special Olympics… ON TV! [VIDEO]

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Last week so far left had a conniption fit, in the person of Meryl Streep, when she referred to Donald Trump “making fun of the handicapped reporter” in her screed at the Golden Globes.

Here’s what really happened with that reporter.

Trump makes outrageous gestures all the time. Was he implying that maybe Ted Cruz was disabled or handicapped? I doubt that. I doubt even Meryl Streep could stretch that one.

The real issue here is that the far left – Democrats – are so desperate that there isn’t a straw anywhere in America that is safe from being grasped and choked by a Democrat.  There’s no story to outrageous for Democrats, and their #NeverTrump compatriots like John McCain, to push. As a warning, you can expect at least four years of this. Thankfully President-elect Trump isn’t going to let this stuff pass. He immediately went on the attack and drove a Twitter stake through the heart of the vampires who were pushing this story.

Now we get to the hypocrisy part. It’s a story about the left, and hypocrisy is the definition of the Democratic Party.

Back in 2007 Barack Obama was on the Jay Leno show. He made a comment about the fact that he apparently can’t bowl and said, “It’s like I’m in the Special Olympics or something.”

If you’re not familiar with the Special Olympics, it’s an Olympics held every four years with disabled athletes. It’s a wonderful event where everyone really does win, there are no participation trophies in the Special Olympics.

Here’s what Obama had to say.

What did Meryl Streep and her friends in Hollywood have to say about candidate Barack Obama’s insensitivity to the disabled?

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That’s right, crickets. Nothing. Not a word. Everybody laughed about it. Barack Obama isn’t a Republican, so he can say anything.

Time to gear up Democrats. We’re expecting more of this, especially over the next few months as President Donald Trump gets settled in office. Democrats and the #NeverTrump fools like Paul Ryan and John McCain are going to be so busy throwing marshmallows at our president they’re not going to notice that life in Washington DC has changed.

Make America Great Again Mr. President, we can’t wait. Just five more days.

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