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Obama Administration Makes Move to Control Future Elections: This is Scary… [VIDEO]


In a parting shot at the American people the Obama administration is making a move that should scare every American. The Department of Homeland Security announced last week that they have declared the electoral system as “critical infrastructure,” in response to the “Russian hacking” of November’s election.

That designation puts election equipment in the same category as the power grid or financial structure and gives the Department of Homeland Security control over elections.

Here’s a report from before the election from Fox News on how this would have to work, and just how difficult it is.

There are 9,000 different sites and the Department of Homeland Security would have to go into each site and do a risk assessment. They would also likely want to take away control from the states and standardize election software.

Every time you hear something like this, remember that these are the same people who could not produce a website to buy health insurance. As Congressional Republicans are getting ready to drive a stake through the heart of ObamaCare the back end of the ObamaCare computer system that does the billing and pays insurance companies still doesn’t work.


Another thing to remember is that the Russians didn’t hack “the election system.” They had the DNC email and the email servers in the Clinton campaign because John Podesta fell for a phishing scheme and used “password” as the password for his email account. Whoever did this, and it’s still not clear it was the Russians despite what the Obama administration says, took emails from highly placed Democratic officials and published them. That’s all they did.

No votes were changed; the American people were just given the opportunity to see who the leadership of the Democratic Party really is. Could that have changed some votes from Hillary to Trump? I would hope so.

In reality, if the Department of Homeland Security really wanted to secure the American election system they should demand a return to paper ballots. Use paper ballots that can be optically scanned and you have a paper record of every vote. Recounts would be simplified if required, and the number of votes could be compared to the number of voters in a matter of minutes. That’s why Democrats will never support paper ballots.

If you look at November’s election the only place there was a problem was the city of Detroit where the Democrats who run the election system in Detroit reported up to five times as many votes for Hillary Clinton as there were votes cast. That was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt by the recount that Jill Stein demanded.

Hopefully the Trump administration will demand that the voter rolls be purged, voters be reregistered with identification that establishes their U.S. citizenship and the right to vote, and that photo IDs will be required at all polling places. Stop multi-day voting, same day registration, and reduce the ability to cast “absentee ballots.”

Those measures would secure our voting system the Democrats would never support them because outside of the intercity, a 20 mile wide strip on the California coast, and Manhattan. Democrats would never win another election.


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