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Newt: The CIA Has Become Corrupt Under Obama!


In the wake of Obama’s last few days in office, the liberals are still in denial of Donald Trump as our next president. They are still clinging to the false narrative that the “Russians did it”…claiming the Russians interferred with our election and that’s why Clinton lost. Because for crying out loud, it couldn’t have been the most obvious reason,… like for instance that she was an habitual liar when it came to such things as Benghazi, her email server, or her pay-to-play scandals could it?

On Sunday, Newt Gingrich appeared on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ where he told John Dickerson, Donald Trump had every right to question the intelligence community. Afterall, it was President Obama that corrupted the intelligence agencies.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

“I mean, this is at the political-appointee level, which has really been corrupted by the Obama administration,” Gingrich told CBS’ John Dickerson.

I hope what (Trump) does is say to the new director of national security, Dan Coats, ‘I expect you to thoroughly overhaul the entire community,‘” Gingrich continued.

Gingrich also stressed that Trump has selected distinguished advisers, such as retired General James Mattis. These people aren’t going to blindly follow Trump, but will instead provide him with multiple options for a course of action — which is what advisers are supposed to do.

We all know there was no real evidence that the Russians hacked the election or that it effected the outcome of the election. Clinton lost. Period.

For Obama’s almost entire intelligence community to come out and defend such nonsense in the past…well that’s just a bunch of BS and we all know it. The intelligence community did only what they were directed to do and followed the Clown-in-chief’s orders. It’s just like when the military community had to claim that “ISIS was under control”…we all knew that was a false narrative too.

The intelligence community was just carrying out disinformation against Trump’s election as president. Well, the gig is up.

When President Donald Trump takes over as the Commander-in-chief, he will have a nightmare of a mess to clean up – from all of the unconstitutional and illegal executive orders, to all the illegal immigrants, to building back trust in our military and intelligence communities. It’s time to clean house, take out the trash and #DrainTheSwamp.




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