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Newt Drops BOMBSHELL Finding-CIA Has Become Corrupt Under Obama, Trump Was Right!


The left and their crazier half…the liberals have been claiming for it seems ages now that America’s intelligence agencies and their reports are proof that the Russians wanted Donald Trump to win the general election and as such has something to do with that win.

Trump states whether they were involved or not, they did not do it to help him.

Truth states that…none of this is relevant anyway? If there was no corruption to report in the first place, the left wouldn’t have had a problem…that’s what they get for selecting a freaking SNAKE as their Presidential candidate. Dummies.

Anyhow… I digress.

Now we learn that these so-called reports the left is leaning on, are coming from a corrupt CIA….ANYWAY!

…and it runs deep.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sided with Trump this weekend in an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation,” where Gingrich stated that President Barack Obama had corrupted the intelligence agencies and Trump was right to question them.

“I mean, this is at the political-appointee level, which has really been corrupted by the Obama administration,” Gingrich told CBS’ John Dickerson.

“I hope what (Trump) does is say to the new director of national security, Dan Coats, ‘I expect you to thoroughly overhaul the entire community,’” Gingrich continued.

Gingrich also stressed that Trump has selected distinguished advisers, such as retired General James Mattis. These people aren’t going to blindly follow Trump, but will instead provide him with multiple options for a course of action — which is what advisers are supposed to do.

You can watch the full interview here. Gingrich’s take on the intelligence community is particularly harsh starting about the 3:15 mark:

Obama has managed to politicize almost every branch of the government during his eight years in government, so it shouldn’t surprise any of us that Trump might not trust the intelligence community right away.

Trump doesn’t hate the intelligence community. What he wants is for them to provide balanced assessments of the situation without trying to make a big splash in the political world.

Right now, we, as the American People, are severely divided. Much of this is simply the remnant of a horrible election where Donald J. Trump was relentlessly maligned by a desperate campaign where the goal for the end game was to shift attention from Hillary’s corruption and crimes, to fabricated smears against Donald J. Trump.

This is going to pass, as it is going to become apparent that while we were burying our heads in the sand for the last 8 years, in a belief that love will conquer all (you’re so full of crap Obama), our actual enemies, people who want all Americans dead, and are working to succeed in that endeavor, have made advances.

No matter how different our people are between left and right, liberal and conservative, gay and straight, cop or black lives matter thug, the difference becomes inconsequential, when we deal with those who hate all of us. Our new leadership is aware of our existential threats, and will cause us to deal with them.

For instance, Iran now has a pathway to become a nuclear power.

North Korea has had the opportunity to develop systems which will hold weapons of mass destruction over our heads. It is figured that in 2 years, they will have full capacity to hurt us.

It is far more urgent for us to deal with these kinds of issues.

Not spending time on trying to figure out if we are male or female, black or white, or running for safe places when our feelings are hurt.

Feelings mean nothing if you’re dead.

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