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Netanyahu’s UN Revenge: America’s Response is Inevitable


Criminal regimes and tyrants eventually become so intoxicated with their power, they feel free to run over and stomp down anybody they deem to be an enemy, annoying, or even inconvenient. Just because they can. So last week when barack obama engineered non-binding UN Resolution 2334, condemning Israeli West Bank Settlements, it was just because he could.

He faces no direct consequences, since he’s going out of office in two weeks. As for his like-minded globalists, dictators, jet-setters, and butt-sniffers on the United Nations Security Council, they feel they can safely flout both the United States and Israel. After all, the US never always compromises and never fights back. Israel seemingly has no friends, since the United States very blatantly turned their back on Israel with this move.

They have made a huge miscalculation, and Israel will have the last laugh.

Americans do not Love the United Nations

The United Nations has their share of scandals.Who are the kinds of Americans who favor our involvement in the United Nations? Generally speaking, either those who can benefit (personally, economically, or politically) from international relationships, or those who want to see the United States’ leadership role diminished in the world.

Normal people, unencumbered by America-guilt, do not see the point of America hosting a den of America-hating vipers. They don’t see why the greatest power, the greatest beacon of freedom to the world, should stand around and get blamed for everything from global warming to imperialism.

For many years, it’s been a pipe dream for normal citizens for the US to dump the UN. A hope, because it’s just stupid to stay in, much less host it on our own soil. But a distant hope, because they know the Washington Establishment would never do it. There is an occasional push from outsiders (Ron Paul in 2003, for instance), but the United Nations has never been in serious danger of having America leave.

Will The United States Leave the United Nations?

What would it take for the United States to leave the UN? It would require two things: a complete upheaval of the Washington power structure, being replaced by outsiders who do not fear the Washington Establishment; and some outrageous provoking incident by the United Nations that would rally Americans in support of this outsider political force.

Both events have occurred.

Trump’s public response to UNSC Resolution 2334 has been forceful. He warned the Security Council not to pass that resolution, and condemned it afterward, promising, “as to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th”. One Trump tweet does not formalize a major doctrine, of course. But this, along with other statements and cabinet picks, does signal strongly that the United Nations will not be bowed to, will not push America around, and will not come in front of America’s interests.

The United Nations just parked itself right on the Trump Train Track.

The Security Council members are not going to back down and rescind Resolution 2334. Trump and his team are not going to back down on 2334 either. It’s an impasse. It’s the first shot in what will be an escalating conflict that will end with the United States leaving the UN.

Legally, How is it Done?

It can’t happen with the stroke of a President’s pen. But there is widespread popular support, and Trump is nothing if not bold and tenacious, and intimidated by neither Democrat nor media opposition.

The United Nations details how a member joins; it has no provisions for exit. However, when one party to a treaty is determined to leave the treaty, it pretty much can’t be stopped. The international legal principle of rebus sic stantibus (literally “things standing thus”) holds that if a treaty allows for no exit, then a member may exit in the event of substantial and unforeseen changes in circumstances. That may make for some thin grounds under international treaty law, but the fact remains that if the US wants out, nobody can stop us.

On the American side, exiting the United Nations would require only the same threshold it took to enter. It came in two parts; the first in the form of a treaty, the United nations Charter. That was proposed by President Truman and ratified by the Senate, 89-2. The second part was the United States joining the new organization, effected by the passage of in 1945, passed by votes of 344-72 and 65-7.

So it would be sufficient for a resolution to pass the House and Senate, then be signed by President Trump.

The United Nations Will Die Without the United States

If America were to leave the United Nations, it would not happen over night; it would play out in a process, after a number of provocations, threats both directions, escalations, and double-dog dares; all to the accompaniment of loud braying from Democrats and their pet media.

There is no question that many of the more influential nations do not want America to leave. A United Nations without America is worse than the European Union without Britain. They will no doubt protest loudly, with all manner of claims of American malfeasance, and how leaving would only cause more terrorism, and no doubt “for the children” will make another comeback.

They know that without the United States to kick around, then there’s not much point in having the organization. It might continue to exist, but without a moral compass and a firm hand in charge, it would descend into useless chaos. The strongest remaining hands in the game, China and Russia, are dividers, not uniters. They would waste no time building the brand of the UN; they would be too busy exploiting it for their own interests. Factions would develop, and thus any global united purpose the UN might serve – humanitarian, peace efforts, settling disputes – would simply not be realized. Eventually member states with nothing to gain would drift away.

Last Laugh: Netanyahu

Thus, Netanhayu’s revenge; the end of the United Nations as an international force to be reckoned with. The United States and perhaps some others will strongly back Israel, through thick and thin. Any sanctions and other nonsense from what is left of the United Nations will have the same credence as as Cuban election.


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