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Move Over Central Park! Everything is Bigger in Texas!


Dallas, Texas is getting a $600 million urban park that will be almost 12 times the size of Central Park in NYC proving that “Everything is Bigger in Texas”

The 10,000-acre nature district will be along the Trinity River that runs adjacent to downtown Dallas and will make Manhattan’s Central Park look small in comparison, becoming the largest urban park in America.

Downtown Dallas sits snugly along the Trinity River and many miles are going to be developed into a fine city park.

Texas’ Trinity River Project will include walkways, sports fields, trees, and other flora.

Dallas is getting a $600 million urban park that's almost 12 times as large as Central Park in Manhattan.

The Business Insider reports:

In late October, Annette Simmons, the widow of the billionaire Harold Simmons, donated $50 million toward 285 acres of the ongoing project. Set to be complete by 2021 and costing $250 million, this portion will be called the Harold Simmons Park. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said he expects other private donations to fund the rest of the Harold Simmons Park, according to Dallas News.

It will become part of the larger nature district, called the Trinity River Project, that began in the early 2000s. As of June 2015, the city had spent over $609 million to build trails, a bridge, a horse park, a golf course, and a community center in a 6,200-acre forested area. In the future, there are also plans to build shops, restaurants, housing, and offices near the river.

When it rains, the park will incorporate the flooding into the park.

Lead architect Michael Van Valkenburgh says the park will naturally flood in controlled areas, and the water will drain into bioswales, sloped courses that absorb water. The areas most at risk for flooding, which will include sports fields and paved trails, will be elevated and farthest from the river. Five bridges will connect the park to the city center.

Dallas is getting a $600 million urban park that's almost 12 times as large as Central Park in Manhattan.

It is a beautiful stretch of land and the potential is never ending. Mayor Rowlings said the park would “redefine Dallas for the 21st century.”

Photos Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates.

Be sure to see more pictures at the Texas Business Insider.



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