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Michelle Gets Strange Look On Her Face When She Receives Special Gift From Trump


2017-01-20 12_06_37-Michelle Gets Odd Look On her Face While Receiving Special Gift From Trumps
The woman liberals hailed as an inspiring, loving woman, is nothing more than a nasty, spiteful woman, meet Michelle Obama. It appears that Michelle wanted to go out with her reputation fully intact. Cameras caught an odd look on her face as Donald and Melania Trump were arriving at the White House to give her a special gift. I’d say this final act as First Lady was just solidified how many Americans feel about her.

It’s no mystery that the Obamas have a racist disdain for our country, but the one thing they might hate more than the people who live here is the Trumps. Let’s face it. It looks like Barack and Michelle may still be a little sore from the spanking they got from the last election when they made total fools of themselves during the campaign. Talk about having to own up to a loss when they did nothing but say that Trump stood “no chance” at winning the election. I guess their butts are still a little sore from losing, despite the occasional pleasantry. That’s typical for liberals, though, isn’t it? It appears to actually be an unwritten liberal rule that one must be a sore loser to be part of the “politically correct” crowd.

2017-01-20 12_06_26-Michelle Gets Odd Look On her Face While Receiving Special Gift From Trumps

Although Donald Trump said that the Obamas have been kind to his face since his win, Michelle seemingly wasn’t able to hide her hatred for the Trumps when they recently showed up to the White House to give the Obama family the official boot. Although Melania was nice enough to bring a traditional gift, Michelle tried to appear pleasant, but her facial expression said otherwise according to many people on social media.

Social media users are now pointing out how Michelle seemed to turn her back before flashing a what looks like a disgusted look on her face as cameras caught everything. The photos have made more than a few people cringe.
2017-01-20 12_06_14-Michelle Gets Odd Look On her Face While Receiving Special Gift From Trumps

The Obamas have been accused of having absolutely no class, with many saying they never will. While many are ripping into Michelle for the expression on her face, it is possible it was all just bad timing as the candid shot caught her off-guard. However, as we’ve seen over the last few months, if there was ever a sore loser, it’s these two.

The Obama’s allowed and encouraged the riots to rage on against Donald Trump without calling for peace and unity. No wonder people are being critical of their seemingly rude body language, even if there’s a possibility it’s undeserved in this instance. While some may be making this a bigger deal than it is, the Obamas brought it upon themselves when they chose not to unite the nation when they had the chance.

Fortunately, mostly everything the Obamas have done to destroy this country will be erased during the next few days, meaning that they will be nothing more than a fading memory. Going out just as worthless as they came in, the Obama family will only be remembered as the lazy and selfish people that they are. It’s a perfect end for these two monsters. Good riddance.First-Lady-Michelle-Obama-and-Dr-Jill-Biden-look-on-at-inauguration-ceremonies-swearing-in-Donald-T


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