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MERYL STREEP EMBARRASSES Herself At Golden Globes, Says “Hollywood” Actors Are Now Victims…


As Meryl Streep stepped off her high-horse to “humbly” accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes, she delivered a cringe-worthy speech. Streep painted sad Hollywood millionaires as victims and then made Conservatives out to be the bad guys because we would like citizens to have a birth certificate. Meanwhile most other celebrities were nodding their heads practically in tears! There were only a few good ones that were ready to vomit at the sound of Meryl’s voice…2017-01-08-21_56_05-reaction-to-meryl-streeps-golden-globes-speech-video-_-mediaite

Hillary and Streep have been chums for years, and Streep just can’t seem to overcome the grief that her girlfriend took such a beating in November.

What Meryl Streep failed to comprehend in that tiny liberal brain of hers is that Americans didn’t just reject Hillary when Donald J. Trump elected, we were rejecting Hollywood and the twisted progressive movement they’ve been supporting for decades.

So if you’re seeking sympathy from the fans who used to purchase tickets to your movies, you’re looking to the wrong crowd, because Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” just cast you and all of your leftist friends into the basket of “Hollywood rejectables”…and that’s a title you actually earned.

Streep acted as if she had captivated the audience and stated:

You and all of us in this room belong to the most vilified segments of America right now: Hollywood, foreigners, and the press.” And the crowd of pathetic losers clapped like idiotic seals…

By the way, Meryl…you and your opinions are not nearly as relevant to Americans as you think you are… I for one have never been a fan! She is always up for these stupid best actress awards, and why?! WHO KNOWS. She is a terrible actress, who shows no emotion, except in Devil Wears Prada when she was supposed to act like a brat, but that’s only because her true personality is awful just like the character she plays!

Twitter users took advantage of Streep’s idiotic speech, they gave her a piece of their mind…




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