WHAT?! Bank Robber Slips Note To The Teller, Leaves Her Utterly BAFFLED!

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When was the last time you saw someone robbing a bank who later requested that the staff call the police afterward? Yeah….I’d say it’s safe to assume that this has never happened before, until now.

A 70-year-old man recently pleaded guilty to a federal bank robbery, he now faces up to 20 years in prison. When investigators questioned him they found an oddly shocking story behind the robbery. He told officials that he’d rather be imprisoned than live with his wife another day.

Court documents stated that Ripple gave a Kansas City bank teller a note on September 2, 2016, demanding cash and warning that he carried a gun.

According to reports prosecutors and his defense attorney are free to argue what sentence they think is fair. Ripple pleaded guilty without any kind of plea deal.

Ripple grabbed nearly $3,000, sat in the lobby of Bank of Labor at 756 Minnesota Ave and told a guard he was the ‘guy he was looking for,’ according to the police report.
An FBI agent says Ripple had argued with his wife earlier and told her in writing he’d ‘rather be in jail than at home.’
Ripple’s wife, Endayon, accompanied him to court Monday and the pair refused to comment, reports the Kansas City Star.
The man was released on bond in September.


After his arrest, Ripple spilled his marital sob story to investigators. He said that he had argued with his wife earlier in the day and that he ‘no longer wanted to be in that situation.’ The picture above is of him and his wife shared on Facebook two weeks prior to the robbery.

An FBI agent says Ripple admitted to arguing with his wife earlier and told her in writing he’d ‘rather be in jail than at home.’

Ironically, Ripple didn’t even escape his wife! Endayon, accompanied him to his court hearing and the pair refused to comment.



There wasn’t a better way to achieve his desire to live without his wife? Maybe get a divorce and if she threatens suicide have her admitted to an insane asylum? I’m sure there are lots of other ways this man could have gone about escaping an out of control wife. He sounds like he was a bit of a nutter himself.

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