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Looks Like John McCain and Lindsey Graham Got a Beatdown from President Trump [VIDEO]


A couple of weeks ago Sen. John McCain and his sock puppet Sen. Lindsey Graham were howling that they couldn’t possibly support Rex Tillerson, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State. They were whining, but in reality they were flexing their Establishment muscles letting Trump know that he was going to have to deal with them since Republicans only have a two vote majority in the Senate.

It looks like that didn’t work out so well for the dynamic duo.

Both McCain and Graham managed to get their faces in front of the cameras on the Sunday shows and said they would vote to confirm Tillerson.

I took the liberty of editing out five minutes of Lindsey Graham’s stupidity before he got around to endorsing Mr. Tillerson. He said the reason he was endorsing Tillerson was because the nominee had told Senator Graham that “we need to lead from the front.”

I enjoyed hearing that Tillerson had said that, and I certainly hope every Democrat – and especially retired President Obama – takes that as a personal insult.

That leaves us with only little Marco Rubio and his need to feel important. Little Marco, for some completely unknown reason, had a fit questioning Tillerson during his confirmation hearing about declaring Vladimir Putin a war criminal. Little Marco has been known to say a lot of stupid things about immigration, but his comments about declaring Putin a war criminal have to rank very close to the stupidest thing he’s ever said.

Will Sen. Rubio support Tillerson in his committee vote and on the floor? Since the Republicans only have a one vote margin on the Foreign Relations Committee if little Marco votes against Tillerson he will be sent to the floor of the Senate without the recommendation of the Foreign Relations Committee. That won’t stop Tillerson from being confirmed, it’s simply an in-your-face statement from little Marco to big Donald.

Take a hint Marco, you really don’t matter anymore. Your buddies McCain and Graham eliminated any prospect of you ever being president when they sucked you into the Gang of Eight so get over it.


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