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They Lived In Beach House For YEARS. THEN Mom Finds This Letter From Neighbors…


Raising children today has proven to be quite the challenge for many parents. We worry about keeping our little ones safe, want them to find good friends and provide them with things to keep them interested in life.

Occasionally there are busy-bodies that decide to worry about how others raise their kids. These people assume life would be better living in a “cookie-cutter” world where their way is the only way… AKA, liberals. Unfortunately, most of the time they overstep boundaries and cause another family grief.

Kelly and Mike Brüning of San Diego, California just had an experience that would rub anyone the wrong way. Often times, difficult to comprehend just how mean hearted some people are.

They received a letter via good old “snail mail.” The letter was anonymous with no return address and was adorned with a Santa Claus postage stamp.

The content of the letter just blew the Brüning’s away. It referred to the way they raise their two children.

They have two boys ages 2 and 4. The home they live in is small and simple, yet sufficient, and is located right on the beach.

The beach and ocean sound like one heck of a playground, but apparently, that does not suffice for the author of the mystery letter. It’s as if the lack of a tire swing borders on mistreatment of the kids.
You can’t blame the Bruning’s for taking offense from the letter. The harassing tone certainly would leave anyone with a sour taste in their mouth.

But the positivity that came from this is very uplifting. After posting the letter on their Facebook page, they received hundreds of comments.


Everyone around them was very encouraging toward the Bruning’s situation. All opinions favored the parents’ right to their “homestead location.”

Honestly, I can’t imagine how life on the beach could possibly have a negative thing for the children.

Not to mention, the kids don’t appear to be suffering any ill effects from the fresh ocean air.

As awful as the letter was, it was wonderful how the community showed their love and support toward this obviously unhappy person.

I’d be willing to bet that there are many children out there that wish they had it as good.


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