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Liberals on TV Cry About Missing Barack Obama: Rest of America Can’t Wait until He’s Gone [VIDEO]


Barack Obama is gone. Well, at least he’s gone from the Oval Office. He’s moved down the street where I’m sure he’ll be holding press conferences on a regular basis.

The far left and the media – sorry for being redundant – are in a world of hurt, “their man” will no longer be able to whip out his pen and pretend he’s the Emperor. They’re faced with dark days in the name of Donald Trump. President Donald Trump.

Now the question for the ages is, what kind of president was Barack Obama? That will eventually be for the historians to decide but here’s how the American people feel about him today.

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Gallup looked at 19 unique areas of policy as you can see American seem to think that the nation gained ground on four issues over the last eight years while losing ground on 14 of those issues. Only healthcare is a wash.

Homosexuality. Americans resoundingly seem to believe that the situations for homosexuals improved under Obama. That has to be his biggest “accomplishment.”

Energy. The number two issue where Americans think we’ve made progress is an energy. That’s because the price of gas has dropped by about 50%. It’s important to note that we have made major progress in energy, but it’s even more important to note that the progress has nothing to do with windmills or solar power or any of the energy hot buttons that Obama and his ilk favor.

We’ve made progress in energy despite Barack Obama not because of him. We made progress in energy because George W. Bush and Dick Cheney rallied private landholders and energy companies and pushed for new technologies like hydraulic fracturing. Improvement in our energy situation is due totally to Bush and Cheney.

The economy. Americans think the economy is better today than it was when Obama took office. It is, but again, nothing Barack Obama did over the last eight years had much of an impact on that. The jobs that he created were either part-time jobs or full-time jobs that went to immigrants. The middle class lost ground every year during Obama’s presidency and Obama’s economy is one of the major reasons Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States.

Even though Americans see the overall economy of someone better, they see that Barack Obama made the situation with regard to the gap between rich and poor and the federal debt as huge negatives. Those were both issues that were at the top of Barack Obama’s priority list.

The most interesting things about the Obama presidency are the things that everyone thought were going to dramatically improve.

Race relations. American see race relations is dramatically worse at the end of eight years old black president. They also see the situation for blacks in the United States as worse. Barack Obama and his Department of Justice under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have done more to set back race relations in the United States than the KKK could ever have hoped to do.

Middle East. I can remember in 2011 when both Barack Obama and Joe Biden were talking about how good the situation in Iraq and the Middle East was and how Iraq was going to be the showcase of Obama’s foreign policy success. It was a showcase all right, but it was a disaster. That’s why Americans today see the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, and terrorism is a complete disaster. Historians are going to have to work extra hard to paint even a great picture of Obama’s foreign policy.

U.S. position in the world. Another one of Barack Obama’s major priorities was to make the U.S. popular in the world. The only people he made as popular were countries ruled by Islamic terrorists. Our position in the world today is that of a laughingstock thanks to Obama’s “red lines”, his abandoning of long-term U.S. allies and his favorable treatment of U.S. enemies.

Overall, Barack Obama’s tenure in office has been a disaster for America. The mainstream media will have their hands full ignoring this is Donald Trump and his administration will work to ‘Make America Great Again’.

To wrap up, here’s a video of just how the far left is reacting to Barack Obama leaving office.

Obviously the video is several months old, and I’m sure there will be a new one put up with this toddler’s reaction to Obama being replaced by Trump and not Hillary.


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