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Liberals Try Using This Photo To Attack Trump, There’s Just ONE MAJOR PROBLEM…


2017-01-30 14_30_18-Before You Attack Trump Using This Heartbreaking Photo, Please Remember One Thin

Democrats and liberal media began losing their minds this weekend over President Donald Trump’s executive order on that imposed a temporary ban on entry from 7 predominantly Muslim countries.

Reports revealed that some went back to this viral picture and did a little detective work, it wasn’t hard to figure out the real demon behind little Alan Kurdi’s death, a Syrian boy, who drowned when his father tried to take the family from Turkey to Greece by boat in dangerous waters.

Now this famous picture is being used to attack Trump.

2017-01-30 14_30_50-Before You Attack Trump Using This Heartbreaking Photo, Please Remember One Thin

2017-01-30 14_30_42-Before You Attack Trump Using This Heartbreaking Photo, Please Remember One Thin

But, what do we say to all of those tardsy liberals? NAY, NAY as the Independent Journal Review clearly states, it wasn’t Trump who was in office when this happened. It was dear old Obama who had been in office for seven years when this happened. SEVEN YEARS, long enough not to be able to blame Bush, I’d say. Time to take some responsibilities leftists, if you want to play the blame game you have a lot more on your record than Republicans do.

While drawing “red lines” about Syria, Obama carried on with his important golfing agenda and failed to do anything that would bring the civil war to an end.

It was that civil war and the threats from ISIS that drove the Kurdi family to flee Syria for Turkey.

It was Barack Obama who created vacuum by a precipitous pullout from Iraq that led to the forming of ISIS. Prior to his actions, Iraq has at least been relatively stable.

All the while the war in Syria raged, Obama admitted few refugees like Alan Kurdi. Not until 2016 did he let in an appreciable amount, allowing in 10,000.

Bottom line, if you’re going to attack Trump, at least use something he honestly was really in, not something for which Obama bears responsibility…


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