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Joe The Plumber: “Make America Great Again is Not a Slogan” [VIDEO]


Our own Joe the Plumber went on on Fox Business Channel’s Risk and Reward to address Donald Trump’s use of the bully pulpit this week to encourage General Motors to keep their jobs here in America.

One of Trump’s huge strengths is extending confidence and exerting verbal pressure on American businesses in order to get them to make the decision to keep their jobs here in America. He has already been delivering the jobs he promised America and he has yet to take office.

Trump has already won over Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Carrier, and now Ford.

See Joe’s interview:

Joe points out that, “He wants to make America great again and he’s doing a great job of it right now by using the bully pulpit to throw shots over the bow, saying that this is where the work is going to be done.”

Trump had stirred the social media pot again when he tweeted that General Motors was planning to bring the Mexican made model of the Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers tax free across border and that if they did they would pay a border tax.

GM did not seem to take Trumps remarks as criticism, but as a reason to believe the atmosphere will be made right by Trump for them to flourish while keeping their manufacturing inside the US borders.

Ford CEO Mark Ford explained that “We’re doing this decision based on what’s right for our business. When we look at some of the tax and regulatory that he’s been talking about, that gives us a lot of confidence.

Ford announced Tuesday it will cancel a $1.6 billion plant planned for Mexico and will instead invest $700 million in a Michigan assembly plant.

Joe went on to address criticisms coming from the right on some of Trump’s liberal positions.

“Don’t get me wrong, though. Many people talk of Donald Trump not being truly conservative. He’s focusing on the economy and healthcare. He’s focused on what’s gong to make America great again.”

Joe goes on to point out that, “The liberal agenda that Donald Trump has in some capacity… you know we’re gonna fight at the state level and work through that.”

“There’s gonna be a lot of give and take over the next four years.”

Obama shamed businesses and tried to use government resources to pick and chose winners and losers. Trump wants to foster an atmosphere so that the US is a “Jobs Magnet”, to bring manufacturing back by getting rid of unnecessary regulations.

This week also marked another victory for Trump and his partnership with the American worker when two other companies, Sprint, the wireless provider, and OneWeb, a satellite internet provider startup, announced that they will be adding thousands of jobs here in the US.

Our own Joe the Plumber went on on Fox Business Channel's Cavuto Coast to Coast to address Donald Trump's use of the bully pulpit this week to encourage General Motors to keep their jobs here in America



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