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Joe Biden To Sore Loser Democrats: “It’s Over” – Hillary Goes Down for the Fourth Time [VIDEO]


To say that Democrats are sore losers is a huge understatement. After losing the election to Donald Trump they have ginned up every possible excuse and every reason they can find to overturn the election.

First, there were the recounts. Jill Stein took a hit for her buddy Hillary Clinton so she could have the opportunity to raise some money for the Green Party, but judges in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin smacked her down.

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Then there was the “popular vote” thingy. You’d think that Hillary and the Democratic Party didn’t understand that you have to win the majority of the Electoral college and that the popular vote doesn’t matter. We were not electing the president of California, we were electing the president of the United States.

Then there was “THE RUSSIANS.” It seems Democrats think the Russians threw the election to Donald Trump. Those pesky Russians did it by cyberhacking. What Democrats refuse to face is that, assuming the Russians did it, they didn’t hack into voting machines and change vote counts. They hacked into the Clinton campaign because Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta’s email password was “password.” That also got them into the Democratic National Committee email accounts.

What happened then was that somebody, maybe the Russians, or maybe a 14-year-old in New Jersey, took emails from the Clinton campaign and the DNC and gave them to WikiLeaks who published them. It turns out the American people were shocked to discover the kind of people who run the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

If any votes were changed because of the email leaks, it’s because the American people found out Democrats are disgusting.

The final straw for Democrats was trying to change the mind of electors in the Electoral College. Movie stars made videos and petitions were signed encouraging electors to vote for someone other than Donald Trump. That failed.

Their last ditch effort was to challenge the Electoral College vote in the House of Representatives. That didn’t go well either, and even Joe Biden had had enough.

Even Speaker Paul Ryan thought that was funny.


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