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Ivanka Trump in Discussions On How Government Will Take Care of Your Children. Interesting.


Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn confirms that she has been working with Ivanka Trump on child care reform.

‘Yes. Yes. I have,’ Blackburn stated, ‘And I am delighted to see that we’re looking at options for tax credits, tax incentives, ways for moms and dads to be able to write-off this child care cost.’

Ivanka had placed child care costs as a top issue she cared about at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

It is rather unusual for a first daughter to be directly lobbying Congress. That is something that official White House staff would normally do.

Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn confirms that she has been working with Ivanka Trump on child care reform.

Mail Online explains:

“Now with the inauguration just three weeks away, and Ivanka Trump looking to have a more outsized role than her stepmother Melania Trump, the forthcoming first lady, members of Congress are getting down to business with President-elect Donald Trump’s eldest daughter on an issue that is normally something Democrats talk about.

More unusual, is that a first daughter would be directly lobbying Congress, something that official White House staff would normally do.

But Blackburn, a prominent conservative Republican congresswoman from the South, seemed happy with Ivanka Trump’s push and explained why she personally cared about the issue.
She’s the mother of two adult children.

Ivanka Trump has three young ones at home.

‘One of the things that is most troubling as a mom in the workforce is finding child care and being certain that your children are safe and well cared for and not feeling like they are going to miss out on things, because you put yourself on the guilt bus,’ Blackburn explained.”

While I do not like the direction that this could take, as well as the direction I suspect Ivanka wants to take, I do have full confidence in Rep. Blackburn to make sure this issue is handled correctly. Anytime you allow the government a foot in the door of Parental Sovereignty it can lead to disaster.

Joe the Plumber addressed some of these liberal directions that the Trump administration could take on Fox Business Channel’s Risk and Reward:

“Don’t get me wrong, though. Many people talk of Donald Trump not being truly conservative. He’s focusing on the economy and healthcare. He’s focused on what’s gong to make America great again.”

Joe goes on to point out that, “The liberal agenda that Donald Trump has in some capacity… you know we’re gonna fight at the state level and work through that.”

I have great expectations for Trump and his Presidency. He has surrounded himself with some incredible conservatives. We MUST hold his feet to the fire and do the same to Congress.

It is going to take every one of us to “Make America Great Again!”


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