Infant Stolen From Hospital, Discovered 18 Years Later She Utters 3 DEVASTATING Words!

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Kamiyah Mobley’s knew her real mother for a total of eight hours before she was stolen from her familiar arms. Her life turned into a steeped mystery the day she was born.

Kamiyah lived in her ignorant bliss for 18 years. She had no idea people were looking for her until just recently when she was asked to perform a DNA test to prove she was the infant that was stolen from a Jacksonville, Florida, hospital room in the summer of 1998.

Later in 2015, a News report revealed that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received two tips in the 18-year-old cold case, which led them straight to Walterboro, South Carolina.

The police followed the clue only to discover this young woman with the same birth date as Kamiyah, who lived under a different name, spuspiciously enough, the girl had fraudulent documents. Police interviewed many friends and neighborsm only to discover that the more information they obtained, the more obvious it became. This was the girl they had been looking for.
2017-01-15 11_15_50-Teen Stolen As Newborn Has Devastating Words For Biological Family About Kidnapp
When it was revealed that her DNA matched the sample from the hospital, police weren’t shocked at all but her world came crashing down. The only name Kamiyah knew until that point was Alexis Manigo, the only woman she had ever called “mom” was the 51-year-old theif, Gloria Williams.

The 18-year-old starred in shock while Williams was denied bond after being charged with kidnapping and interfering with custody. This was obviously difficult for her. The young girls hiccuping sobs that rang through the courtroom proved how deeply Kamiyah believed Williams was her real mother.15940696_1171329529616409_4004367036641244144_n

As the judge asked those present to identify themselves, Kamiyah simply said:

“I’m her daughter.”

As Kamiyah said her goodbyes, she pushed her fingers through the holes in the caged wall that stood between her and Williams and continued to call her kidnapper “momma,” saying “I love you” and that she “was praying” for her.

That moment was captured on video by local Jacksonville news station, WJXT4:

According to reports, mere hours after news broke that Kamiyah Mobley was found alive and well, living in Walterboro, South Carolina, Kamiyah posted a status on her Facebook account, claiming Williams is not a bad person:
2017-01-15 11_20_20-Teen Stolen As Newborn Has Devastating Words For Biological Family About Kidnapp
“My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted. My mother is no felon.” Kimyah may feel that her kidnapper is no felon,but that certainly isn’t the case. Evidence surfaced that Kamiyah was just hours old when a woman posing as a nurse came into the room and told Shanara that her daughter was running a fever and needed to be examined further.

The woman walked out of the hospital room with Kamiyah in her arms — and the two were never seen again.

Then, late in 2015, as First Coast News reports, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) received two tips in the 18-year-old cold case, which led them to Walterboro, South Carolina.

The tip led JSO and Walterboro PD to a young woman with the same birth date as Kamiyah, who was living under a different name with fraudulent documents. Interviews with several people regarding the cold case left them with greater suspicion that the young woman was baby Kamiyah.

Now, that woman is believed to be Williams. Walterboro Live reports that it is believed that Williams suffered a miscarriage the week before kidnapping Kamiyah.
Walterboro Live also revealed that Williams is the biological mother to the two younger children who were also living in their South Carolina home at the time of the arrest.

The news came as a shock to those who knew the family, with many commenting on the Facebook story that they can’t believe what Williams is being accused off.

A neighbor of Williams said that she had known her family for almost 15 years, and that she was always an active member of the community:

“I’ve seen Alexis grow up. I’ve seen her in church and in the community. She’s very well read, very mannerly, disciplined.”

“The family is a good family. You don’t want to think bad thoughts of anyone in your family, and that she would do something like that. But then it’s right there staring you in the face. So you don’t know what to say or do.”

Boatright also admited that because the crime happened 18 years ago, his opinion of her will remain the same.

2017-01-15 11_16_06-Teen Stolen As Newborn Has Devastating Words For Biological Family About Kidnapp
Reports later surfaced that Williams did have a bit of a criminal history:

“Other than the kidnapping arrest, Williams’ criminal history is limited to charges of writing bad checks, welfare fraud and multiple traffic tickets. She was arrested in 2003 in Greenville, South Carolina, for breach of trust.

Court records show Williams was taken to court nine other times over financial issues.”

Williams will be brought back to Jacksonville to face the charges against her, meanwhile Kamiyah’s biological parents have talked with her over FaceTime and are planning to meet her in person this weekend.


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