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Hypocrisy Revealed! Crowder Crashes #WomensMarch Disguised As Drag-Queen!


Ever wondered what would happen if you joined the national Women’s March to discover what it’s really about? Wonder no longer, because Steven Crowder just did the dirty undercover ‘detective’ work for you! Let’s see what he found…

By now you’ve likely heard heaps of vomit-inducing stories about the Women’s March (see Ashely Judd Embarrasses Herself. Recites Insane Poem at Women’s March and LOL: ‘Women’s March’ Protesters Turn On Each Other… Because Racism?). Apparently, it’s a huge bastion of leftist feminism. Bigger than Lena Dunham’s unshaven left thigh. Try wrapping your head around that. But not literally, because ew.

Naturally, Crowder and Not Gay Jared scuttled down to the Women’s March to see what all the fuss was about. Dressed as trannies. Don’t judge, sexist.

Kudos Steven and Jared, you guys deserve a participation medal! You two stood tall and braved this organized assault on the eyes. This is just further proof that not all heroes wear capes…a few wear Nair and wigs.2017-01-23 23_06_26-Hypocrisy Exposed! Crowder Crashes #WomensMarch as Undercover Transgender

By the way, did you catch that the broad with the “P*ssy Economics” was Wendy Davis? As in, the same Wendy Davis who leads this troop in all things feminist. Obviously, her whole economic philosophy is based on negative female stereotypes. When it comes to holding office, she’s not even as qualified as a huge bag of feminist toenail clippings. Yummy…

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Also, did anyone else catch the part where almost all of the protesters had NO CLUE why they were protesting? There were nothing but blank stares all around. This my friends is, gold, because if ever there was an accurate representation of modern leftism… This is it. You’re staring at it, right in the fat, beastly, soulless, eyes.


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