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Hand Them Over! Trump Transition Team Demands Copy Of All Exec. Orders From Obama On Immigration


Trump’s Transition Team has officially demanded copies of very single executive order and direction on immigration that Obama ordered during his failed tenure as President. That’s right. Every. Single. One.

For all those that doubted President-elect Donald Trump would actually go after illegal immigration and build a wall, you are about to learn to live with disappointment.

trump-transition-team-3The team has also requested all illegal alien records that have been changed so they could stay here… they are also digging to see which federal workers have doctored said records. Sounds like a new sheriff is in town and a bunch of asshats are on their way to the woodshed. The requests actually occurred on December 5th, but are ongoing and in progress.

Remember when illegal aliens freely gave their addresses and identification to the government? Remember when they believed that it would never be used against them? Sucks to be them. You break the law and eventually you pay a price. That bill is about to come due and I’m super duper good with that. These were the illegal aliens that signed up for Amnesty and they will be in front of the line to be deported, right after criminals. So long DACA.

From Breitbart:

The Trump transition team wants copies of every single executive order and directive outgoing President Obama ordered on immigration since he took office, along with several other documents that will let them assess how to beef up border security, according to a Reuters exclusive.

Most famous among the executive orders: Obama’s unconstitutional shielding of illegal aliens from deportation in 2012, carving out exemptions for illegal aliens who arrived in the U.S. as minors. It granted a form of legal status and work permits to some 1.4 million illegals who signed up—and an “advance parole” that would let them claim U.S. citizenship, completely absent of Congressional oversight, let alone approval.

Trump transition officials also asked to see any illegal aliens’ records who had been changed to ensure federal workers were not altering them to help the illegals stay in the U.S., according to Reuters.

The illegal aliens who signed up for amnesty freely gave the government their addresses, identities, and admission that they’re in the country illegally, meaning they could be the first in line when the deportations begin under a Trump administration.

The team also asked the Department of Homeland Security last month to assess all assets available for border wall and barrier construction. Oh and it gets better… they also asked about the department’s capacity for expanding immigrant detention and about an aerial surveillance program that was scaled back by the Obama administration, but remains popular with immigration hardliners.

There may be as many as 30 million illegal aliens in the US now. There’s a lot of work to do by Trump and his team. “Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation – that is what it means to have laws and to have a country,” Trump said. There will be “zero tolerance” for illegal immigration under a Trump administration.


In response to the transition team request, US Customs and Border Protection staffers have identified more than 400 miles along the US-Mexico border and about the same distance along the US-Canada border, where new fencing could be erected. I’m interested in knowing whether it will be a wall or a fence. A wall is much more of a deterrence. We also need armed border agents patrolling the wall and perhaps the national guard. Along with drones etc. If we do this and make sure every corrupt asshat is removed from DHS, then we will finally be able to secure our borders.

Some more good news: Billionaire Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel has agreed to join Donald J. Trump’s presidential transition team, according to reporter Dan Primack.

Thiel, a Facebook board member who was a Trump delegate and spoke at the Republican National Convention, had suggested he would informally advise Trump. “A page in the book of history has turned, and there is an opening to think about some of our problems from a new perspective,” Thiel told the New York Times in an interview this week. “I’ll try to help the president in any way I can.”

Thiel was the only prominent business person from the tech sector to publicly support Trump. That support made him a controversial figure in Silicon Valley, as most eggheads wanted someone they could control, like, say Hillary Clinton.

It’s a start anyway..

Hat tip / Breitbart


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