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Former President Just Indicted For FAR LESS Than Hillary’s Crimes:


Hillary Clinton was considered a role model to former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez…well, that is at least prior to all the “pay-to-play” scandals which broke out and Clinton’s election loss.  But that’s about where the differences start.

Prior to that, they actually had a lot of things in common. Both met their future husbands in college. Both married former governors that were elected presidents. Both spoke out about corruption, but only one got caught.

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez was indicted Tuesday on wide-ranging federal charges of corruption and conspiracy involving public works.


H/T I Have The Truth:

Fernandez, two of her former aides and businessman Lázaro Báez, whose Austral Construcciones company allegedly benefited from irregular contracts, were all named as defendants in the case.

Federal judge Julian Ercolini approved charges of illicit association and fraudulent administration, and froze the equivalent of up to $633m of each defendant’s assets.

According to The Guardian, Fernandez made no immediate comment on the charge, but she has repeatedly denied any and all wrongdoing since leaving office in December 2015, alleging instead that she is the victim of persecution by her conservative successor, Mauricio Macri.

The Washington Times adds the judge slammed Ms. Fernandez for having “violated her duty to faithfully manage and protect national property,” claiming she helped route millions to businesses of Lazaro Baez, a Kirchner family friend turned construction magnate. Wednesday’s decision comes on top of a May indictment and $1 million freeze on her personal assets in a probe involving currency manipulation.
 The case could mark a stunning fall from grace for Ms. Fernandez, who with her husband dominated the political scene here for more than a decade but who has seen her legacy challenged by Mauricio Macri, the center-right businessman who succeeded her as president.
WOW! Who knew? Both Fernandez and Clinton’s ambitions were challenged by a businessman.  I bet Ms. Fernandez is wishing she would have taken better notes when it came to following Clinton’s criminal coverups. Their political reigns or chapters seem to be ending on a much different note. Too bad America’s justice system isn’t as transparent as Argentina’s when it comes crime and politicians, like Hillary Clinton.

Afterall, Hillary Clinton still walks around free. That’s the difference with Obama’s America. Isn’t it going to be good to see Obama’s legacy – “Worst President Ever” – coming to an end real soon?

Cue music…”Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”…



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