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Father Carrying ‘Sack’ Goes Viral As People Realize What’s Hiding Under The Rags[VIDEO]



This crazy new video of a father carrying a sack caught the attention of everyone on social media, as it finally dawned on troubled viewers exactly what he was hiding under the rags in his arms.

The story behind the chain of events that was captured on camera will leave you breathless and sickened.

The unbelievable footage came from Odisha, India, where a grief-stricken father was forced to carry the dead body of his deceased five-year-old daughter over six miles because the hospital she died at refused to provide transport.

According to reports, the little girl passed away at Palalahada Community Health Centre (CHC) in Angul. The father’s cries for help to carry her body fell on deaf ears, when stubborn hospital management refused to provide a hearse, van, or any other assistance.

The girl’s father, Gati Dhibar, began the heart-wrenching walk back to his home in Pechamundi village, accompanied by his older daughter, mostly unnoticed until a group of bystanders saw him and alerted a nearby journalist, who captured the incident on video.

According to one report, an investigation is under way due to the request of District Collector, Anil Kumar Samal. During an interview, Samal stated:

“Following [the]dead body carrying incident in Palalahada, the sub-collector visited the spot and spoke to the family members of the deceased. On the basis of the report, a security guard and a junior hospital manager has [sic]has been suspended. We shall ensure nothing undignified happens with any dead body.”

In a similar incident last August, a man named Dana Majhi had to carry his dead wife over three miles from the hospital back to their village after he was refused help by medical staff. The depravity of such saddening events is almost overwhelming to hear about.

There have been numerous situations like these ones, where the poor are forced to carry the bodies of their dead loved ones back to their villages with no consideration or dignity. Despite the Odisha government ordering the state’s medical facilities to ensure this doesn’t happen, it seems to be an ongoing problem.

A member of parliament became involved after a tremendous public outrage; there were plans to expand a government program providing free transportation from hospitals to villages. Sadly, this program has yet to be utilized in the impoverished village where Gati Dhibar and his family live. Is it shocking that that’s what government health coverage gets you? I can’t imagine losing a child, let alone carrying their dead body back home without breaking down and crying.


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