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Fake Protesters on VIDEO Inside Confirmation Hearing: Embarrassing Even for Democrats


Jeff Sessions is doing everything he can to promote full employment in the U.S.. Given the number of demonstrators who showed up for his confirmation hearing to be Attorney General, it looks like Democrat organizations – likely funded by George Soros – are hiring every ne’er-do-well they can find to make fools of themselves.

This is likely what the next four years – and hopefully eight years – will look like. Far left Democrats making complete fools of themselves.

First up were demonstrators posing as KKK members who began screeching in order to highlight ridiculous charges of racism that have been brought against him. Next up were the nut cases from Code Pink. They were wearing pink glittery hats resembling the Statue of Liberty and began screeching with high pitched laughter when Jeff Sessions was described as a man of integrity with a stellar conservative voting record.

Then came some guys who forgot their costumes and were ejected from the hearings for shouting, “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA.” I’m pretty sure these idiots don’t understand the definition of the word “fascism.” If they did they would’ve been in the streets for the last eight years.

The confirmation hearings were finally made into a multicultural farce by a woman who appeared to be Hispanic screaming about fascist pigs and words her mother would be ashamed of if she heard her screaming.

Democrats are certainly trying to draw attention to the fact that they got blown out in November and have absolutely no control over Donald Trump being able to fill his cabinet with patriotic, conservative Americans.

Even more embarrassing than the idiots in the video was what Democrat senators like Al Franken and Cory Booker had to say. Sen. Booker was a classic Democrat with classic Democratic arguments. He read a statement into the record condemning Sen. Sessions’ “racist history” while seeming to forget that just last year he publicly spoke about what a great man Jeff Sessions was after Sessions helped him with a project that Booker was working on.

If Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all. Just eight more days.


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