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Exposed: How John McCain is Involved in Trump Fake Dossier and Blackmail [VIDEO]


It’s no secret that Sen. John McCain hates President-elect Donald Trump. Actually, I think John McCain hates anybody who isn’t John McCain.

You’ve no doubt heard about the documents produced by a former British intelligence officer that indicated the Donald Trump, while visiting Russia, paid prostitutes to urinate on his bed. That story has since been relegated to the realm of fake news. A far left slanderer organization called BuzzFeed released the documents and CNN – the Clinton News Network – made reference to them in one of their stories.

That reference is why President-elect Trump refused to take a question from a CNN White House reporter last week. When the reporter pressed Trump for a question, he was told he wouldn’t get a question because CNN is “fake news.”

2 McCain

The question is, where did the report come from?

A former British intelligence officer was paid by a prominent Republican #NeverTrump individual who hasn’t been named to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. He came up with the report that was released last week by BuzzFeed. The information has been circulating for months but legitimate news organizations, even news organizations like the New York Times that hate Donald Trump, refuse to report it.

That’s where John McCain comes in.

McCain was at a meeting in Canada where former British diplomat told him about the file. The diplomat says he didn’t give McCain a copy of the file, but somehow he got his hands on it.

In an admission last week that McCain is not as smart as the New York Times, he said he did what “any ordinary citizen would do” and he arranged a meeting with the head of the FBI to turn the information over. McCain turned the information over on December 9th.

In an attempt to cover himself, McCain has said he was concerned that people would think his passing the information along to the FBI was sour grapes because Trump won the election. He went on to say, “Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the director of the FBI.”

Every new source in the United States with the exception of BuzzFeed didn’t have a problem making that judgment Senator.

John McCain is well known to be a self-righteous, self-centered, petty little man and his actions in this case certainly reinforce that view.

Hopefully, this will destroy what’s left of McCain’s reputation and make his remaining time in the Senate totally irrelevant.


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