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DHS Whistleblower About to Sing: Swamp Will Be Drained [VIDEO]


Phil Haney is a whistleblower, he worked at DHS – the Department of Homeland Security – and if Donald Trump really wants to drain the swamp Phil Haney would like to help him.

Haney wrote a book, “See Something Say Nothing,” about what he saw during the Obama administration at the Department of Homeland Security.

You can see the entire interview here.

In Haney’s book he talks about how law enforcement records have been intentionally destroyed by officials in the Obama administration. Haney’s assertion is that the Obama administration worked with groups like CAIR, and the Southern Poverty Law Center to lay the groundwork for violence in the U.S.. He notes that Barack Obama repeated a line by saying “there have been no terrorist attacks on the homeland during his tenure in office.”

It was Haney’s belief that Jihadi forces along with various anarchists and revolutionaries were going to disrupt the inauguration. It looks like their plans were put on hold by, among others, James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas when they exposed anarchists talking about terrorist actions during the inauguration.

Haney has been at war with the Obama administration, exposing their lies about terrorism in the U.S. He was an analyst studying things like the Fort Pierce Florida mosque where the Orlando terrorist and his family attended. The administration sold the line repeatedly that the murdering terrorist was “self radicalized” and Haney says that’s ridiculous.

“I had my own superiors making these kinds of statements [about self radicalization]incessantly. When I was sitting there with evidence, for example, about the Fort Pierce mosque – not only was there another person that blew himself up in Syria, but there’s an individual who is teaching a radicalization course who was on early release for weapons charges and tax fraud. And his own father is vice president of that mosque.

“As though nobody knew anything – that’s completely preposterous. If you know anything about the Islamic worldview, family and community is ultimately central to everything they do. The concept of operating alone is anathema to Islamic worldview. They just don’t do it.”

They don’t do it, but the Obama administration and high-ranking law enforcement officials kept insisting that that’s exactly what they do.

Will Phil Haney get to help Donald Trump drain the swamp? We can only hope.


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