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100% Cause of Climate Change is Man-Made Phony Data it Turns Out:


The evidence has been fatally clear that Man-made Climate Change is a hoax for a while, but it just went into overdrive! 100% of the claimed warming was a result of tampering with the data by the NOAA.

Beyond the general claim that the sky will fall within the next year if we do not get rid of all automobiles, they claim that the US was “overwhelmingly hot” in 2016, and temperatures have risen 1.5°F over the last century.

The problem is, it is all based on phony and manipulated data, as well as, a very flawed methodology in the first place. Ever wondered just how accurate the ability to gauge world temperature was 100 years ago?


The NOAA has been busted lying so many times that I have lost count. King Man-made Climate Change Hoaxter Al Gore got caught with 35 lies in his last propaganda documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. That is one lie approximately every 3 minutes!

But the faultiness of the whole data set is crazy within itself.

Real Climate Science points out:

The first problem with their analysis is that the US had very little hot weather in 2016. The percentage of hot days was below average, and ranked 80th since 1895. Only 4.4% of days were over 95°F, compared with the long term average of 4.9%. Climate Central is conflating mild temperatures with hot ones.

They also claim US temperatures rose 1.5°F since the 19th century, which is what NOAA shows.

The problem with the NOAA graph is that it is fake data. NOAA creates the warming trend by altering the data. The NOAA raw data shows no warming over the past century

The adjustments being made are almost exactly 1.5°F, which is the claimed warming in the article.

The adjustments correlate almost perfectly with atmospheric CO2. NOAA is adjusting the data to match global warming theory. This is known as PBEM (Policy Based Evidence Making.)

It’s an excellent evaluation. Read the rest HERE.

Every year, these morons keep feeding the public lies and every year they keep falling apart. Those spouting this crap the loudest are often creating a “carbon footprint” the size of 1000 people with email telling the rest of us we need to quit farting because it’s shrinking the Arctic Ice Cap.

Guess what? Al Gore told us that Arctic Ice Cap would be gone by 2013. I looked on Google Maps just a few minutes ago and it’s still there.

The Man-made Climate Change Hoax has one purpose: control how you live. It’s that simple. It’s an excuse to create more and more regulations to control how you live.

Al Gore has ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ part deux coming out soon. Should be hilarious!

My friend Trade Martin wrote this hilarious song about the Man-made Climate Change Hoax. I think you will enjoy it.


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