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BREAKING: Trump Signs 3 Awesome Executive Orders [VIDEO]


Donald Trump’s first day in office was memorable. Among other things, he signed three executive orders keeping promises he made on the campaign trail.

The first one was to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade deal that Barack Obama tried to shove through in the last year of his administration that would’ve shipped more American jobs overseas. President Trump will seek individual trade deals with the other 11 nations who were a party to the TPP.

As Trump said after signing the order, “A great thing for the American worker…” It’s about time somebody cared about American workers and did more than just talk about it.

Next up was a hiring freeze for federal government employees – except for the U.S. military. President Trump has said over and over that he wants to reduce federal government employment by at least 25%. We think that’s a good start and this hiring freeze puts federal employees on notice that their days of watching online porn are over.

Hopefully President Trump and the Republican Congress will go after changes to civil service rules that made it impossible to fire federal employees no matter what they do. Administrators at the VA have been implementing plans that push back critical medical care for veterans who then died and not one person at the VA has lost their job yet. At the VA, people should not only be losing their jobs they should be going to prison.

President Trump hasn’t announced his choice to head the VA, but we’re hoping to see most of what the VA does privatized.

The third Executive Order reinstates the “Mexico City Rule” regarding the overseas abortion funding. Ronald Reagan first signed this rule blocking U.S. taxpayer funds from paying for abortions outside the U.S. Bill Clinton overturned the rule, George W. Bush reinstated it, Barack Obama overturned it, and now President Donald Trump has put in place once again.

It’s outrageous that the federal government pays for any abortions, but at least now we’ve blocked paying for those outside the U.S. Next up, the House of Representatives is considering legislation that will block taxpayer funds from being used for any abortions. This legislation will finally defund Planned Parenthood.

Needless to say the far left, Democrats in general, and Democratic operatives with bylines in the media will have a fit about Republicans working to outlaw “women’s healthcare.” Only in the mind of a Democrat can “women’s healthcare” be equated to using federal funds to pay for women who want to butcher their unborn daughters.

It’s an excellent start Mr. President, thank you from moving to ‘Make America Great Again’.


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