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BREAKING: Ford CANCELS 1.6 Billion Mexico Plant. Instead Investing Millions in Michigan Plant


SCORE! Team Trump wins again!!

This is wonderful news for the people of Michigan and all Americans!

Ford has announced that they are canceling the $1.6 billion dollar Mexico plant, and will invest $700 million into plant expansions in Michigan! This also means 700 new jobs in Michigan.

All of these good things are happening thanks to Trump’s America First philosophy.

Companies are being pushed to rethink how they do business, and keeping the American worker first in their mind. Of course many companies don’t like this, because it means they make less, for the good of the American people.

Ford’s CEO Mark Fields said at a news conference that the ‘pro-growth’ policies of President-elect Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are encouraging.

Trump said: ‘‪Instead of driving jobs and wealth away, AMERICA will become the world’s great magnet for INNOVATION and JOB CREATION.‬’

Ford is making Trump out to be the enemy when he is simply helping the economy and strengthening the US. All Ford cares about is making money, understandably, that’s what a company does. But Trump isn’t in the business of finding what works best for Ford, he’s in the business of making the United States thrive again. They might not like having to play by the rules for the greater good of the country, but too bad.


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