41K Welfare Recipients Just Forced To Get Jobs!

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Food Stamps and government assistance weren’t meant to be something you retire from, but sadly that’s how the liberal agenda promotes it.

Most people will say “not everyone on food stamps is gaming the system.” My response? Our system is being cheated. Yes, there are some on disability who get food stamps that genuinely need it, but for the most, part disability is being abused. People are working the system and there needs to be a reform to this backward “we get something for nothing” way of thinking.

It’s incredible how many on welfare feel that they deserve it and complain about being kicked off. Then, surprise surprise, you step into their home and see the large flat screen TVs, cell phones, and the cherry on top…PAID HOUSING. In my opinion, housing from the government shouldn’t even be part of the equation.


Generations have been stuck with the idea government will take care of them as long as when needed, they provide votes in return. It’s a sad case to watch a country, rich in tradition and vision, reduced to a mound of unfortunates who have to grovel at the feet of the government for everyday necessities.

The state of Missouri took a stand against the generational dependence upon the government, forcing welfare recipients to get a job.

Approximately 41,000 Missouri residents no longer have access to the welfare food stamps program after a new time limit law went into effect in 2015. The new state law was actually a reinstatement of welfare reform enacted during President Bill Clinton’s administration.

The 1996 welfare law, which has now been reinstated, limited food stamps for able-bodies and childless adults to only three months out of every three years, America Now reports. Participants would continue to receive the taxpayer-funded benefits only if they worked 20 hours per week or attended an approved job training program.


After Phil Bryant’s state ended the time limits and work/training restrictions for the food stamp program, he said: “We want people to go to work in Mississippi,”

“We want these individuals to get a good job and live the American dream, not just be dependent on the federal government.”

Missouri has had enough, they decide to reinstall a welfare program developed by Republicans. They did this during the Clinton Administration to slow the amount of people joining welfare and to get Americans working again.

Here’s the shocker…IT WORKED! But, that was then, and this is now. People who were against the Republican’s version of welfare saw that it was done away with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping people get on their feet, but you’re only helping them if you help them help themselves. teachfishing

Many people grow up on assistance, and never get off if it… generations dependent on assistance is wrong, and messed up. This plan was made to be a last resort, not something you are supposed to be on all your life!

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