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10 Lies Told in John Kerry’s Middle East Peace Speech: Is that all? 10? Really? [VIDEO]


During his speech last week on the Middle East John Kerry spent most of his 70 minutes of blabbering defending the Obama administration’s abstention at the UN Security Council. He spent the rest of it lying about the reality of the relationship between the Israelis and the “Palestinians.”

Specifically, Kerry lied about 10 issues.

Equating Jewish Settlements and Palestinian Terrorism.

According to John Kerry, the “Palestinians” launch terror attacks against Israel only because the Israelis are building new housing. In fact, the “Palestine Liberation Organization” has been calling for the complete destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews for decades. The fact that Israel is building new housing in East Jerusalem has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the “Palestinians” are, to the core, terrorists and nothing will change that.

“If the Choice is One State, Israel Can Either Be Jewish or Democratic. It Cannot Be Both.”

This statement is patently absurd, Israel has been a democratic state since its formation. It happens to be the only state in the Middle East that grants citizenship to “Palestinians.” Jordan is the state that was formed to give “Palestinians” a homeland and the government of Jordan will not allow residents of Gaza or the West Bank to immigrate and they certainly wouldn’t grant them citizenship. Nor would any other Muslim state in the Middle East.

Long-term the bigger question in this vein is for Jews in the U.S. to answer. “Jews can either be Jewish or members of the Democratic Party.” It’s beginning to look like, thanks to Barack Obama and John Kerry, they can’t be both.

Peace Will Only Be Realized with a Palestinian Terrorist State.

Kerry and Obama are insisting on the establishment of a “Palestinian” state. The idea that establishing such a state would bring peace requires ignoring 50 years of history. The ruling parties in the West Bank and Gaza are Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah. All three are nothing more than Iranian supported terrorist groups. All three are sworn enemies of Israel and are committed to its destruction and to the death of all Jews.

No American Administration Has Done More for the Security of Israel and Barack Obama’s.

This is such a stupid statement I’m not even going to bother to rebut it. After all, it was the Obama administration that used U.S. taxpayer dollars to meddle in the Israeli election and defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli Intransigence Is the Problem.

The Israelis have put two formal proposals on the table to establish a “Palestinian” state. Both were rejected out of hand. An Israeli spokesperson has noted that Prime Minister net and Yahoo has made “hundreds of phone calls” to Mohammed Abbas on this issue and Abbas refuses to take his phone calls.

Settlements Are Illegal.

This is an absolute lie that the Obama administration and their Muslim terrorist allies keep repeating in the hope that people will believe it. Even the New York Times, no friend of Israel, is on record noting that new Jewish settlements are “disputed” not illegal. The idea that they are illegal “amounts to a political, not juridical, declaration.”

Equating the Palestinian Government with Israeli Government.

John Kerry had the audacity to suggest that the Netanyahu government is following the dictates of “the most extreme elements” in Israeli politics while the “Palestinian” government in are some kind of moderates. In fact the “Palestinian” governments from the inception of the PLO have been nothing more than organizations dedicated to the elimination Israel and the death of Jews.

Israel’s government is a democratically elected government, terrorist control in Gaza and the West Bank have been imposed by “Palestinian” political parties.

Israel Is a Burden to the United States.

Kerry also talked about how the United States turned its back on its own interest by giving military aid to the Israelis. Even the Obama administration has admitted that that aid is good for the United States.

The UN Resolution Changed Nothing.

This really seemed to be the focus of Kerry speech. It is arguably the biggest lie in the speech. The UN resolution makes the claim that all territory outside the 1949 armistice lines are occupied by the Israelis, including Jerusalem and holy sites like the Western Wall. In fact, the area known as the West Bank and Gaza are part of Israel. They were turned over to Israel in settlement of the 1967 war where Israel was attacked by all of her Muslim neighbors. In order to stop Israel from completely destroying every Muslim Army in the Middle East they gave up the West Bank and Gaza.

The Obama Administration’s Maneuvers Help Peace.

In fact, the opposite is true. No third-party can impose a peace settlement that will last in the Middle East. If a deal is to be made it must be made by the parties involved.

The real truth of John Kerry’s 70 minute speech is that it established once and for all that Barack Obama and the ilk serving in his administration, including John Kerry, his predecessor Hillary Clinton, people like UN Ambassador Samantha Power, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, are anti-Semites that the mullahs in Iran are proud to call their friends.

January 20th is coming, just not quickly enough.


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