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WOW, NO WAY! #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Block Virginia Highway & Actually Get In TROUBLE?!


It appears that blocking a highway has always been the Black Lives Matter’s preferred form of protest. And this makes so much sense! Because, it’s also incredibly dangerous, and stupid, which goes right along with the theme of their campaign.

It certainly doesn’t make people any more sympathetic to their cause, it just makes people angry.

Ironically, some of them stomped their feet, and threw a tantrum on the highway and got a hefty punishment for throwing their little tantrum.
Reports show:

BLM Protesters Who Blocked Highway Get Jail Time

Activists associated with the Black Lives Matter movement will see the inside of a jail cell after blocking a highway during a protest in July.

The Richmond, Va. protest, which falls into a long line of recent race-related protests and riots, occurred on July 18, and was likely set off by the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile that month.

Thirteen protesters blocked Interstate 95 and chanted “Black Lives Matter!” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police!” They shut down traffic during rush hour, but not for long, as police showed up and made arrests within an hour.

They all pleaded guilty to their crime of illegally blocking traffic were then sentenced to five days in prison.

Perhaps if the penalty was a little more than five days in jail, people would actually stop protesting.

Just a thought…


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