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World Wrestling Entertainment Executive to run the Small Business Administration: No More Choke-Holds [VIDEO]


Donald Trump has chosen Linda McMahon, the head of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to head the Small Business Administration. The left is going crazy. Well, more crazy, you’d have to be certifiably insane to vote for Hillary anyway.

The media, with a few exceptions, will be focusing the fact that McMahon and her husband, Vince McMahon, are close friends with the Trumps and have donated about five million dollars to the Trump foundation. This will be a big deal, even though the press yawned at the hundreds of millions that the Saudis and other Middle Eastern terrorist supporting nations used to buy access to the White House with donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Here’s CBS News, in what is a pretty fair summary of the selection of McMahon.

They did lead with the “friends” but wrapped up with the fact that the McMahons started WWE on a shoestring and built it into a very profitable venture. In fact, I think Linda is exactly the kind of person who should head the SBA, a business woman who built a successful business. That sure beats a community organizer who’s never held a real job.

The WWE has had some controversy, they were charged by the US Attorney in New York with involvement in a steroid ring, those charges were dismissed but you likely won’t be hearing about that from Democrats. The WWE has also been sued by former employees who say they haven’t handled concussions and neurological health issues well. The media will likely have a filed day with this one while completely ignoring the National Football League.

Linda’s confirmation hearing should be interesting. Hopefully if any Senate Democrats get out of line she’ll body slam them into oblivion.


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