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Woman Minister Opposes Self Defense… Because It’s Sexist?!


Canada is full of strange people! Feminists have discovered something quite strange to become offended over…self-defense. As it turns out, in Canada it is illegal for women to carry pepper spray for self-defense. This is one law most Canadians want to change, except feminists, that is.

In 1995, Canada banned the use of mace and pepper spray, a law that Conservative MP Kellie Leitch, who is a candidate for party leadership, wants to change if she becomes prime minister. Allowing mace and pepper spray, Leitch stated that allowing mace and pepper spray would “give women a greater measure of protection against would-be attackers.”

But Leitch’s proposal met opposition from Patty Hajdu, the status of women minister, who claimed that letting women carry pepper spray would actually further gender inequality.
“Her misguided approach places the onus on women to defend themselves rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence,” Hajdu said in a statement.

Her reasoning? If we just stop teaching bad people to be bad people, no women would have to defend themselves. And in other news, if there wasn’t an electoral college, Hillary would be President. Ah, the woes of a feminist living in a patriarchal world…


By now, feminism has shown its true colors as a steaming pile of wrong. Their claim about “empowering women”? It’s so clearly fraudulent that no one believes them anymore (see Comedy Legend Schools Idiot Lena Dunham: “I Don’t Believe in ‘Feminism’”). In this case, a feminist hag is literally attempting to steal tools of empowerment and independence from women.
These same feminists hypocrites who condemn “rape culture” want to strip women of any basic ability to defend themselves. Which, say, sounds a lot like rape culture…

Leave it to liberal femmes to make this about strength. Here is a little clue that would help feminists out tremendously…on average, women are GENETICALLY not as strong as men. End of story, we were not built for it, blame mother nature, not the people who want the protection mace or pepper spray could bring them.

Hot headed Feminists claim to champion women’s rights… but, not when it comes to this issue. Apparently, social justice warriors could care less about a woman’s right to defend herself.

NOTE TO WOMEN: “The great equalizer” isn’t a birth control pill. It’s a revolver in the hand of an otherwise would be rape-victim. We do need to be fair about this, though, perhaps feminists are accustomed to not needing self-defense. After all, who’d want to challenge a big beasty behemoth with crazy eyes? Certainly no one I know of!


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