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WHAT? Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence that Russia Tampered W/Election Votes


President Obama strongly denounced the Russian conspiracy theory regarding our election, stating that Russians successfully tampered with the American voting process.

“We were frankly more concerned in the run up to the election to the possibilities of vote tampering, which we did not see evidence of,” he went on to say. “And we’re confident that we can guard against.”

In an interview, Obama completely downplayed the hack of John Podesta’s private email account, defending his administration for revealing in October that the Russian government was connected.

“None of this should be a big surprise,” Obama casually mentioned, “Russia trying to influence our elections dates back to the Soviet Union.”

Obama dismissed the hack and the leaked emails as “not very interesting” and lacking “explosive” revelations. He puzzled as to why it was an “obsession” by the news media despite the knowledge that the Russians were responsible.

He also criticized President-elect Donald Trump for calling on the Russian government to hack Hillary’s emails to reveal the contents of the deleted emails from her private server, and reminded the audience that Trump had campaign officials connected to Russia.

Obama drowned on…

“What’s happened to our political system where some emails that were hacked and released ended up being the overwhelming story, and the constant source of coverage – breathless coverage – that was depicted as somehow damning in all sorts of ways when the truth of the matter was it was fairly routine stuff?”

President Obama searched high and low, for any kind of reason he and Hillary Clinton lost the election. He’s blamed Fox News, insufficient grass-roots campaigning by Hillary, “fake news”, and now, he’s managed to single out Russian meddling for the loss of 194 of 207 counties that voted for him in either 2008 or 2012. HAH! This guy is a terrible story teller, that’s the one good thing about him I guess, people know when he’s lying.


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