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Welfare Jihad: BARBARIC ISIS Fighters Receive Unemployment Benefits As They ‘Need Assistance’


The leftist political elite just can’t seem to work any of this out in their peanut-sized brains. They constantly wonder who are our enemies and who are our allies. Just last week, the UN Security Council took a spite-laden swipe at Israel, yet here we forcing American taxpayers to send money to the enemy, jihadis.

When Western governments attack Israel, where else do they possibly think they can find a trustworthy ally in the Middle East?

Here’s a list of fools/conspirators:

United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand

ISIS fighters continue to claim thousands in benefit handouts, and of course, all at the cost of the taxpayers.

Denmark alone found 36 people who fled to join the terror cult only to receive handouts from the state that rack up to 672,000 kroner(94084.05 US Dollar).The municipal authorities said they would attempt to track down the 29 pen-pushing militants.

A Danish People’s Party official added: “They are not available for work, and they cannot be if they are involved in the conflict in Syria, so they must be deprived of cash assistance.” Then, Newspaper Ekstra Bladet revealed 34 of the fighters actually received the state unemployment benefit known as ‘kontanthjælp’.

Tell me again why we are funding those who want us dead in the hopes that they are really innocent refugees?! This doesn’t seem worth it to me.


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