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Watch Jason Chaffetz Lay Out Hillary Bribing of FBI Agents to Let Her Off:


It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings and Hillary Clinton is in deeper than ever with her scandals now that Representative Jason Chaffetz is now accusing her of bribing the FBI.

Rep. Chaffetz confirmed that they will hold additional hearings on Hillary Clinton’s private email server when members return from recess.

New FBI documents released Monday revealed that Under-Secretary of State, Patrick Kennedy, was urging the FBI to reclassify the classified emails that were giving Hillary so much trouble.

Watch Jason Chaffetz Lay Out Hillary Bribing of FBI Agents to Let Her Off:

“Undoubtedly there will be, based on the documents the FBI released today there are new facts that need to be investigated. I’m very concerned about the quid pro quo that was in negotiation between the State Department and the FBI,” Chaffetz told The Daily Caller. “Chairman Nunes and I believe Patrick Kennedy should be relieved of his duties immediately pending an investigation. This is a manipulation if not an outright crime and so we’re gonna drive into that.”

The Daily Caller reported that, “The official, Patrick Kennedy, State’s Under-Secretary of state for management, asked another FBI official to put a classification grade on the email which would allow him to “archive the document in the basement of [Department of State] never to be seen again.”

Unbelievable. First their were no classified emails, then there were a few, then there was a plethora. Can’t hide them anymore? No problem, just bribe the FBI to declassify them!

As the Daily Caller states, Kennedy’s involvement in the classification process was evidence that the State Department had “an agenda” to protect the agency and Clinton, an FBI records management section chief told investigators.

While the actions never came to fruition, the proposal itself is a bribe. It is high time that Hillary and a number of her crooked cronies spend some time in orange jumpsuits. Maybe now that she will not have soon to be EX-President Obama as her protector, we will see some real action.



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