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Watch Heartbreaking Message From Carrier Worker to Trump: [VIDEO]


It’s no surprise that President-elect Donald Trump is going to be great for businesses. Trump campaigned on two important issues that will stimulate the economy – cutting back on taxes and cutting regulations. Both key issues when it comes to cleaning up the mess that Obama has left.

Wednesday, Carrier announced after meeting with President-elect Trump, that close to a 1,000 jobs would stay in Indianapolis. On Thursday, Trump and Pence flew to the plant to formally announce that jobs would remain in Indiana, instead of going to Mexico. This is just the beginning of many other business negotiations to come and Trump’s promise to “MAGA”.


H/T Western Journalism:

The Rust Belt is alive with glimmers of hope as employees of the Carrier Corp. plant in Indianapolis come to grips with the greatest of all Christmas presents — the jobs they were told were heading for Mexico are not going there any more.

On Wednesday, Carrier announced that after negotiations with President-elect Donald Trump, “nearly 1,000” jobs would stay. A formal announcement about the deal will be made Thursday in Indianapolis when Trump and Vice president-elect Mike Pence travel to the plant.

Trump had tweeted on Thanksgiving Day that he was working with Carrier to preserve the jobs, but the announcement this week that a deal had been concluded led to exuberance replacing resignation for the workers involved.

Robin Maynard, a 24-year-veteran of Carrier, expressed his views Wednesday on Fox and Friends.

Maynard stated:

“I would like to tell him thank you for going out of your way and taking your holiday away from your family, working on the Carrier and employees’ deal,” Maynard stated. “Sticking to your word and going to bat for all of us at Carrier and keeping our jobs here. I’d like to thank him and Mike Pence for doing it so quickly.”

Sounds like this Christams is already brighter for Mr. Maynard and at least a few 1,000 employees at Carrier in Indiana. Isn’t it resfreshing to know that Trump is already coming through on his campaign promises and he hasn’t even officially taken office yet? You can bet a lot more people across America are a lot happier this Christmas since Donald Trump was elected president.

God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America!



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