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[VIDEO] Woman Snaps At Wisconsin Electors! Loses It Over Trump’s Win….


Liberals had been biting their nails waiting for results from Wisconsin’s presidential electors. It’s been a long-drawn out event, for bitter leftists and the poor elector’s who’ve gotten nothing but death threats after Trump’s official victory was announced. As you can imagine, Hillary supporters aren’t too happy…

One crazy woman completely lost it when she heard the inevitable news.


She stood and screamed at the electors:

“You sold out our country, every one of you, you’re pathetic. You don’t deserve to be in America.”

The crowd chanted: “Shame, shame, shame.”

Before being carried out by police, she could be heard yelling “This is my America!”

Wisconsin has 10 votes in the Electoral College, all of which went to Trump, the president-elect. “The votes are ten votes for Donald J. Trump,” said Brad Courtney, the chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party who also chaired Monday’s Electoral College meeting.

As soon as Courtney announced the results of the vote, yelling erupted in the room from anti-Trump protesters. Unhappy women in purple stood up and started screaming at the chairmen. “Every one of you, you’re pathetic,” she said. “You don’t deserve to be in America.”

People in the audience began chanting “shame” as the woman in purple continued shouting…

Liberals could have easily used this opportunity, as a way to separate themselves from the rioting crazies. But of course, they threw that chance out the window like an unwanted fetus and gave in to their usual rioting crybaby ways. Didn’t Hillary say something about “accepting election results”?! Maybe that refusing to accept the results is a direct threat to democracy?


How interesting, it appears that the tables were turned or in this case, thrown across the room in protest. Don’t forget, though, it’s Trump and his supporters who should be feared…

Not the violent liberals behind the scenes tearing apart and setting the curtain on fire.…


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