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VIDEO: School Does Something SICK To 9-Year-Old Trump Supporter for Wearing Trump Hat



If you can remember all the way back to elementary school, kids as young as fourth grade were debating who should become president. It’s just what children do; they side with their parent’s views and fight to the death over it. At least, they did when I was younger.

Now, this kind little nine-year-old has come under a lot of fire for what used to be considered common practice among children. He was banned from his school for wearing his autographed “Make America Great Again” hat.

For three consecutive days, the third grader, Logan Autry wore the hat to school. Gradually, more and more classmates began confronting him at recess.

The school staff made up some sad excuse that his hat caused “negative emotions” for his fellow students. They told him to take the hat off and not wear it again at school.

Autry stated:

“They told me to take my hat off because it brings negative emotions to the other children who don’t like him.”

Autry then went on to say that he fully supports the controversial candidate and says asking him not to wear the hat is a violation of his free speech. still0603_00006_1464972601553_2691900_ver1-0

He said, “They were saying they didn’t like Donald Trump, they were saying he was stupid, I had to explain to them what Donald Trump was actually doing.”

See the video below:


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